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Goddard announces support for Prop. 100

Goddard announces support for Prop. 100

Attorney General Terry Goddard said he will support Proposition 100, ending months of fence-sitting on the temporary sales tax increase.

Goddard, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, announced his support in a Mother’s Day email blast to his supporters.

“It’s a day for making sure that kids, all kids, are treated right. In our household, Monica makes it clear that means pushing to pass Prop 100 on May 18,” Goddard wrote in the email, referring to his wife.

In February, Goddard told the ~Arizona Capitol Times~ that he did not know how he would vote on the issue, and the following month he said he could not support Prop 100 without an assurance from Gov. Jan Brewer that she would veto H2250, which included a host of corporate tax cuts that would have started phasing in while the three-year sales tax hike was still on the books.

H2250, referred to by supporters as the “jobs bill,” passed in the House but died in the Senate, where President Bob Burns expressed concerns about passing tax cuts while the state was still experience massive revenue shortfalls. Brewer had also said she did not want the tax cuts to go into effect until the sales tax hike expired, and she released a separate “jobs package” that did not included any tax cuts.

“Since the governor has capitulated to the attorney general’s call that we not tax working families and then shovel that money to corporations, he’s decided to support Prop 100,” said Goddard campaign manager Rodd McLeod. “It’s not the best choice for dealing with Arizona’s deficit, but it’s the only choice we’ve got in the short term.”

Voters will decide on Prop 100 in a May 18 special election. The temporary sales tax increase is expected to raise about $900 million per year, nearly half of which will go to K-12 education.

-Jeremy Duda

  1. PM Connors
    PM Connors05-11-2010

    Well, if Goddard is for Prop. 100… I know that I made the right decision to vote against it. By the way Terry, don’t get your hopes up about occupying the governor’s office. Arizonans have you pegged.

    By the way, when are those who have been elected to office going to learn that government cannot produce jobs except by doing so on the backs of the taxpayer. Furthermore, government produces nothing, makes nothing and is only good at growing government (and more entitlements).

  2. PM Connors
    PM Connors05-11-2010

    @PM Connors
    Fired up this morning and too many “by the ways” in that comment, but the sentiment is unchanged.

  3. tvguy

    Next time you should condense your post, try to leave out the parts that people ignore.

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