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Brewer lashes out at Napolitano over recent border comments

Brewer lashes out at Napolitano over recent border comments

Gov. Jan Brewer said Janet Napolitano’s words and actions at the Department of Homeland Security don’t match her record from her time as governor, saying her predecessor has essentially turned her back on Arizona and its border problems.

“She kind of did a 180 on the state of Arizona now that she’s secretary of homeland security. The comments that the borders are just as secure as they’ve ever been, if you would look at some of her correspondence previously, they weren’t very secure,” Brewer told reporters May 28 after signing the canvass for the May 18 special election on Proposition 100. “I’ve always said that she’s turned a blind eye and is looking at it from a different perspective, sitting up there in the city of sin.”

Brewer will have a chance to take her complaints directly to President Barack Obama and Napolitano when she’s in Washington, D.C. next week.

She said she’s requested meetings with both to discuss border issues.

“I think he owes it to the people of Arizona, if not to the people of the United States, to sit down and have a conversation … in regards to what is needed at our borders,” she said.

Obama and Napolitano, of course, have been critical of S1070, the state’s new strict immigration law.

Brewer said she has no regrets over the law and thought it was fine as originally passed, but said the amendment to the bill should ease critics’ concerns.

“I think the law was pretty clear. We were satisfied with it the way that it was written. But we wanted to make it perfectly clear for all the ‘Philadelphia lawyers’ out there what the intent was, and we accomplished that,” Brewer said.

  1. Jim M.
    Jim M.05-31-2010

    Really decent post… I love it. Keep ’em coming… 🙂

  2. Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas06-01-2010

    The uneducated, unelected Brewer couldn’t carry Napolitano’s luggage.

  3. ciara500

    Hah!!! Gov. Jan Brewer has Nappy beat by a landslide. Nappy has her head in the clouds when it come to the border, cause she can’t admit the truth. Nappy was useless as a governor and she is useless in Homelans Security. She is a yes person to Obama.

  4. Brazilia Zurvaz
    Brazilia Zurvaz06-06-2010

    No !! maybe Mr, Brewer is not going to carry Napolitano’s luggage
    The people from U.S.A will in November 2010 when we all go to the polls
    50 states should be enough don’t you think?? Maybe Obama should leave the
    White house as well. those people are not working for the u.s people
    i,wonder to many times why are they so interested on helping Mexico??
    MMMM because it is not normal for a president to be so close with corrupt
    people like Mexican governants,I, have never seen any president doing the
    stupidities that Obama, Napolitano, Hillary, and Pelosi are doing. sorry!! but this is my oppinion, i, welcome yours!

  5. IluvAZ's Governor!
    IluvAZ's Governor!06-28-2010

    The uneducated, unelected Brewer didn’t want to carry Nappy’s luggage so she dumped it all. Cleaning up Nappy’s mess took her a while, but Brewer got ‘er done. Approval ratings in the 80th percentile? I don’t think Nappy’s approval ratings could ever touch that. Not too bad for a chick without a college degree. Brewer’s common sense sure beat the heck out of Nappy’s EDUMACATION. LOL 🙂

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