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Reaction to S1070 ruling: GOP riled, Dems elated

Reaction to S1070 ruling: GOP riled, Dems elated

Arizona politicians reacted to today’s S1070 ruling as expected: Many Republicans were upset that federal Judge Susan Bolton halted the major parts of the law, and many Democrats were relieved that it was gutted before taking effect.

Here’s what they had to say:

Sen. Russell Pearce, Mesa Republican and sponsor of S1070:
“This law will go into effect.”
Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia, Senate minority leader:
“Senator Pearce is not going to stop at this. He’s hell-bent on interpreting the Constitution as he sees fit.”
Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County sheriff:
“I don’t think the activists should be dancing in the streets yet.”
Rick Romley, Maricopa County attorney:
“The federal government needs to understand they have not just failed Arizona, they have failed the entire nation. This is a time for them to step up and seal that border.”
Rep. John Kavanagh, Fountain Hills Republican:
“This is the first of what’s probably going to be a 20-round fight. And given that the judge relied solely on the preemption issue, I think we’re in good shape to eventually prevail.”
Roberto Villasenor, Tucson chief of police:
“ I have a sense of relief that we will not be treating people in ways that we should not be treating them based on the literal interpretation of the law, but I think this is far from over.”
Lyle Mann, executive director Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board:
“(Local) officers will still work with immigration services on a daily basis, but whether this clarifies or makes a need for more clarification… I guess you could say we’re back to how it was in April.”
Rep. Ben Miranda, Phoenix Democrat:
“I know there was a lot of elation yesterday within the immigrant community. I just don’t mean to douse their fire, their celebrations, but it’s the status quo for me.”
Bill Montgomery, Republican candidate for Maricopa County attorney:
“While (Bolton’s) analysis resulted in the legal conclusions she came to, I don’t believe that federal preemption should prevent a state from defending its citizens. It’s a twisted application.”
Vernon Parker, Republican candidate in the 3rd Congressional District:
“I interpreted the decision as judicial activism, quite frankly. When you look at the decision it really gives me the impression we can’t even uphold federal law because when the judge is saying you can’t ask someone for their identification, the federal law requires that. It requires law enforcement to do that right now even without 1070.”

  1. r salon
    r salon07-29-2010

    J.D. you fail to recognize that the Judge did NOT make “law” she interpreted the law as she “judged” whether it was valid and constitutional. That sir is indeed her job.

  2. timothy stahl
    timothy stahl07-29-2010

    This judge Bolton should be ashamed of herselk for what she has done,she is not an Arizonan. She must support crime ,and for me sounding like I am crying about it ,didn”t others CRY about it when our Gov. Signed it into law?

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