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Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2010’

  • Thomas’ concession graceful, but stubbornly late

    For every Tom Horne, Felecia Rotellini and Jesse Kelly of the election cycle, there’s an Andrew Thomas, David Lujan and Jonathan Paton.

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  • Brewer holds double-digit lead in Rasmussen poll

    Gov. Jan Brewer, now the GOP’s official nominee for governor, held her double-digit lead over Democrat Terry Goddard in Rasmussen Reports’ first post-primary poll.

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  • Primary winners don’t fit nicely into overarching theme

    If any theme emerged from the Aug. 24 primary, it’s that there wasn’t a single overarching theme. Instead, there was a little bit of everything. Some tea party candidates and “outsiders” won, which confirms that the anti-establishment sentiment directed at Washington, D.C. extends to Arizona. …

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  • 2010 Leaders of the Year awards recipients named

    Mark your calendar. The fourth annual Leaders of the Year of award ceremony is just around the corner and we hope you’ll join the Arizona Capitol Times to celebrate 17 individuals and organizations for their professional and civic involvement.

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  • Commission only knocks a few judges on performance

    The state’s 27-member commission that grades judges gave unanimous thumbs up for nearly all 64 of the judges up for retention this year except a few.

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  • Hulburd camp rips Quayle; CD3 sequel begins

    If you thought the cantankerousness (yep, that’s really a word) of Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District would end after the 10-way GOP primary race, Jon Hulburd has some news for you. Hulburd’s campaign blasted a statement into Arizona’s e-mail netherworld that just ripped Quayle to pieces, even referring to …

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  • Big surprises last night; Quayle win among them

    There were some big surprises last night: Chris Deschene toppled Sam Wercinski on the Democratic side of the secretary of state race; Cloves Campbell Jr. lost his House seat; and David Braswell got whomped by Lori Klein in the Legislative District 6 Senate race. We all …

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  • Are we on the same page?

    Blogs are great. Free of traditional journalism neutrality, or at least attempts for neutrality. More room for humor, gripes, knee-jerk reactions, and all the other ingredients that make writing more compelling to read than run-of-the-mill reporting.

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  • Schweikert ramps up ads after declaring victory

    It turns out the primary is still on Aug. 24 after all.

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  • Goddard moves campaign HQ

    Terry Goddard has a new campaign headquarters, in a building that has some sentimental connection to the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor. It was the backdrop for his press conference this afternoon, at which he released his plan to turn around the state’s economy and create jobs.

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