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Hulburd camp rips Quayle; CD3 sequel begins

Hulburd camp rips Quayle; CD3 sequel begins

If you thought the cantankerousness (yep, that’s really a word) of Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District would end after the 10-way GOP primary race, Jon Hulburd has some news for you.

Hulburd’s campaign blasted a statement into Arizona’s e-mail netherworld that just ripped Quayle to pieces, even referring to Quayle as “Brock Landers.”

“This election is now between Jon Hulburd and Brock Landers. It’s between a young man who fabricated a family, degraded women, and then tried to lie about it, and a small businessman and father of five who has been dedicated to his community. These concerns were raised by Republicans during the primary and at least 77 percent of Republican voters were unhappy with Ben Quayle’s response.”

It appears as though Hulburd isn’t going to play nice. And it almost sounds like his campaign is happy to be facing Quayle in the November general election.

Now we’ll have to see if he can hang, considering he’s facing a significant voter registration advantage and has yet to run the gauntlet of public scrutiny that bruised just about every other candidate in that district.

Hulburd, who gained the Democratic nomination without a primary battle, may be good at offense. But certainly there will come a time when the media and his opponent will test his defensive abilities.

That test might come sooner rather than later, judging the response from Quayle’s campaign a few hours after Hulburd’s blast.

“It’s always great to see desperation set in around your opponent on the first day of the campaign,” said Jay Heiler, Quayle’s new communications director. “Hulburd apparently thinks there’s a crying demand in Washington for another liberal blowhard who talks out of both sides of his mouth and sells out the taxpayers to the special interest tax cartel. But from here in Arizona, it looks like all those positions are taken.”

-Matt Bunk

  1. Barbara Espinosa
    Barbara Espinosa08-26-2010

    Why wouldn’t Huburd’s campaign be happy Quayle is their oppontant? He was the weakest candidate in the CD3 race. A carpetbagger with a famous last name. 33 years old, no experience,hasn’t voted in local elections. Over 80% of his contributions were from out of state.Sad but money can buy votes in CD 3.CD3 voters went for a famous last name plus spin and glitz not substance. This is the person to replace John Shadegg? It’s not my district,but what a mistake the voters in CD3 made.

  2. Lynnda Oliveira
    Lynnda Oliveira08-26-2010

    Go Hulburd!!! Of course Quayle will have all the BS behind him like the GOP always does, we need to get some of the more middle class (if there is one left in AZ) to get out and vote. To many middle of the road people don’t realize what is going on. That is why the Elite in this state get away with their crap. Same as down south, Kentuckt, Alabama etc.

  3. kay

    I did not vote for Quayle. I voted for Parker. Had I known that political seats were hereditary, I would have voted for the Tudors as Elizabeth was the best of Henry’s legacy. Since she is not on the ballot and Brock Landers would have pointed out what bar she was hanging out in so one could meet her, I’m actually thinking of voting democrat. Can’t stand the democrats, don’t agree with 1 of their positions, but I’ll die before I vote for Quayle Jr.Jr. so he can get a toe hold on district 3. And I’m praying that the whole of America will vote all the other democrat bums out of office so this one district can rotate from Shadegg a great man, to a democrat place holder for 2 years before we get a REAL person from the GOP to run. Quayle wins with 23% and expects to have the keys of the realm handed to him. I’m not connecting the arrow for him. I refuse. So I dare others who don’t like quayle to NOT connect the arrow and let the chips fall where they may. In the end, its a win-win for the GOP if the dems hold onto the house by 1 vote. They own the stinkin’ mess and they can’t get anything through with their tiny caucuses they have to placate. 2012 will wipe them out.

  4. Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas08-27-2010

    And Heiler seems to think there is a demand for more amoral, misogynistic hypocrites born with a silver foot in their mouth a la John Ensign?

  5. Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas08-27-2010

    Curious what the “special interest tax cartel” is that Heiler and Quayle are babbling about…would it be the continual cry from the Republicans demanding tax cuts for their rich friends?

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