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Don’t mess with May; he wrote the law on segways

Don’t mess with May; he wrote the law on segways

The press corps didn’t know exactly what to think when they saw Steve May drive up to the federal courthouse Thursday on a segway.

Rather than hide – as most people would do if their mode of transportation looked like a pogo stick with wheels – May made sure everyone knew it was him by plastering a bright red “May” campaign sticker on the front of his contraption.

One might expect the average politician about to fight allegations of rigging elections by enlisting fake candidates to show up a bit more discreetly. But that’s just not how May rolls.

May buzzed up to the Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse about a half-hour before the hearing to determine whether a group of 11 Green Party candidates – four of which May helped qualify for the ballot – would be kicked out of the election.

May remained on his strange chariot during various interviews, repeating a stump-speech about how everyone, even street people, should be allowed to take part in the political process. He got off the machine only when it was time to enter the courthouse.

The whole episode was too odd to ignore. I would have been remiss not to ask May, who was charged with an extreme DUI in 2009, if it’s possible to get a DUI on a segway.

“No! You can’t,” May exclaimed, then pointed a finger skyward and proclaimed, “I wrote that law!”

May explained that he helped craft a law while he was in the Legislature in the late 1990s that classified segways as wheelchairs. That way, May said, it’s impossible to receive a DUI on a segway.

May then recalled a time when he got pulled over by the Tempe police for riding his segway on the sidewalk. May said he showed the police officers his middle finger and explained that he wrote the law and that they had no legal standing to ticket him for being on the sidewalk.

I asked May if he was drunk when he got pulled over by the police that day.

“Probably,” May chuckled.

-Evan Wyloge

  1. Stop lying
    Stop lying09-13-2010

    Wow, aren’t we impressed?

  2. Don

    Evan, did you check to see if Steve May actually wrote that law. He voted or it, but he did not sponsor it, and he did not sit on the committee, so I’m not sure he wrote it.

  3. Tucker304

    This man is an embarrassment to himself. He should be in jail for his reckless behavior, rather than writing laws.

  4. Craig

    Am I the only one he thinks that May seems *proud* of his public intoxication, “Segway-ing under the influence” and his open contempt for law enforcement and public safety personnel?

    He may not have hurt anyone yet (so far as I know), but he seems wholly unsuited for a return to the legislature. I’ve already formed a pretty low opinion of the legislature’s professionalism and character, but his addition to the lege would actually lower that opinion.

  5. vimiis

    Are you kidding me? This is a joke, right?

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