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Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2010’

  • Brewer may push for special election on AHCCCS

    Gov. Jan Brewer has insisted repeatedly during the past year that the Legislature has the authority to cut spending for Arizona’s Medicaid program below the level that voters thought they had locked 10 years ago. But she appears to have shifted strategy and is planning instead to ask voters to approve the cuts in a special election.

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  • Ron Paul Revolution returns to ASU

    The musk of democracy in full swing hangs in the air over the Hayden Lawn at Arizona State University as Ron Paul supporters gather to hear the Texas representative speak. Roughly 200 people – smaller than his last speech at ASU – rally like moths …

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  • Grant for governor – as an independent?

    Even as 2010’s votes are being counted, Republican Grant Woods said he’s considering a possible 2014 gubernatorial run as an independent candidate. The former state Attorney General and longtime adviser to U.S. Sen. John McCain, said he’s had conversations with Democratic operative Fred DuVal about …

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  • Vacation time, French-style

    France may be the GOP’s favorite cautionary example for liberal economic policies, but it’s a fine place for a post-election trip. Now that the election is over, Gov. Jan Brewer’s advisor Chuck Coughlin is making up for lost time by taking his long-awaited honeymoon, which …

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  • Rove names 10 potential GOP nominees for president

    Karl Rove’s speech at the downtown Phoenix Sheraton Tuesday started out with about as much intrigue as I expected from the top political advisor for former President George W. Bush; for the first half-hour he flaunted an uncanny grasp for statistics as he explained exactly what’s wrong with the health care law and predicted how the 2012 elections would pan out if voters followed the same patterns as they did on Nov. 2.

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  • The headlines we really wanted to write on election night

    We see lots of things from our virtual perch high above 1700 W. Washington. Our exposure to all things political in Arizona typically results in some mix of these three reactions: Often we laugh, occasionally we’re astonished, and rarely we’re surprised. Our continual challenge to …

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  • Flake can’t stop himself from issuing warning to GOP

    As the GOP wave that had started on the East Coast began cresting over Arizona on Election Night, excited energy filled the Hyatt as many seemed to sense that some power was coming. But not every Republican in the building was jumping for joy.

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  • Cubs Win!

    And by that I mean the City of Mesa’s voters agreed to fund an $84 million training complex for the Chicago baseball institution, allowing the team to continue preparing for 30 more heartbreaking and frustrating seasons of futility.  Or maybe the lopsided vote in favor …

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  • Still mad at Arizona, mostly

    On Twitter, you find a lot of people who are still mad at the Grand Canyon state, and tonight just made them madder.  Here are a few that I found in the past few minutes — censored as needed: From koalasloverain of Arkansas: What the …

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  • Hulburd had a ‘funny’ win speech, but he won’t get to use it

    Nearing 10 p.m., Jon Hulburd’s campaign manager Josh Abner had decided his candidate had talked enough about his likely 10 percentage point defeat at the hands of Republican Ben Quayle.

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