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West hitches campaign to Meyer

West hitches campaign to Meyer

Many Democrats in the state are running to the middle. And many Republicans are running to the right.

So it’s interesting strategy that in an election cycle where the GOP is energized and on the attack, a political newcomer in Legislative District 11, Republican Eric West, appears to be embracing a Democrat.

In a mailer that arrived over the weekend in District 11, which takes in north-central Phoenix and Paradise Valley, West goes out of his way to tie his campaign to that of Democratic Rep. Eric Meyer.

The West mailer points to an Arizona Republic endorsement of the candidates with the headline “Meyer, West best of strong field.” It goes on to highlight several passages that not only give kudos to West, but also to Meyer.

“Neither Meyer nor West will support Sen. Russell Pearce’s poorly conceived effort to deny citizenship to children born of undocumented immigrants,” one passage reads. Much of the flier also talks about West decrying partisan politics.

While West appears to be cozying up to Meyer’s voters, the Democrat is doing just the opposite.

A separate mailer from the Meyer campaign tells voters to “single-shot” Meyer’s name on the ballot, thus increasing the Democrat’s chances of getting elected. Neither West nor the other Republican, Kate Brophy McGee, would receive votes with that strategy.

West was somewhat of a surprise victor in the Aug. 24 primary in the heavily Republican district. He beat out a well-funded Shawnna Bolick, wife of well-known Goldwater Institute attorney Clint Bolick.

Meyer, a Democrat who got the endorsement of both the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, was unopposed in the primary and seeks his second term.

– Bill Bertolino

  1. Quinn

    What is even more amazing is how many pieces of mail Eric West has been able to send on his limited Clean Election’s budget.

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