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Another long-serving House Democrat undone

Another long-serving House Democrat undone

Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), who has served in the House for 34 years and was chair of the House Armed Services Committee, was defeated tonight by Republican Vicky Hartzler, a former schoolteacher.

Earlier this week at a campaign stop, Hartzler outlined what she would try to do if victorious:

“I’m not going to Washington with a to-do list, I’m going with an undo list,” Hartzler said to loud applause. “I think we need less federal government and we need to undo some of the junk that they’ve been pushing the last 18 months.”

That “undo list” includes repealing President Barack Obama’s health care program, continuing the tax cuts that were passed under President George W. Bush but are scheduled to expire next year, preventing the proposed “cap and trade” law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stopping the unspent portion of the federal stimulus package.

–John Stodder

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