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We’ll be covering the most competitive races – all night

We’ll be covering the most competitive races – all night

We’ve spent countless hours examining polls, trailing candidates, asking tough questions and digging deeply into the backgrounds of more than 200 candidates whose names will be on Arizona ballots today. Just like the candidates and campaign staffers, it seems like everything the Arizona Capitol Times’ newsroom has done during the past year has led up to this moment.

It’s Election Day. And we think that’s awesome.

In fact, we’re so geared up that we’ve decided to pull an all-nighter. Our reporters will be hanging out with the candidates, and our editors will be analyzing the results as they come in to bring you an insider’s view on all the ballot measures and candidate races – from Al Melvin and Cheryl Cage in Legislative District 26 to Paul Gosar and Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona’s 1th Congressional District. (A list of races we’re watching closely is below)

If you’re an election geek, we’ve got you covered. When the polls close, go to for live results, exclusive stories on contested races, blogs from the election parties, photos, videos of Arizona’s most prominent politicians, etc.

For a limited time, our election night coverage will be free to nonsubscribers.

Subscribers, though, will be able to access expert analysis on the legislative leadership races, the power shift at the Legislature and what effect the Republican wave will have on the Arizona’s congressional delegation and statewide offices. In addition, subscribers have access to our special 2010 Election site, which contains reams of historical data on districts, candidates and voters.

Here’s a sneak peak at the races we’re watching closely tonight:

Congressional Races:

Arizona’s 1st Congressional District – U.S. Rep Ann Kirkpatrick is hoping to avoid defeat by Flagstaff dentist Paul Gosar, a Republican. Polls show the Democratic incumbent might be in danger of losing her seat.

Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District – Republican Ben Quayle won the primary with about 23 percent of the vote. Democrat Jon Hulburd is hoping enough independents swing his way to overcome the GOP’s voter-registration advantage.

Arizona’s 5th Congressional District – Democratic U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell will try to fend off Republican David Schweikert for the second time in as many elections. Polls show the race is a nailbiter.

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District – Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be up against Republican challenger Jesse Kelly, who has a strong Tea Party following.

Statewide Races:

Attorney General – Felecia Rotellini is perhaps Democrats’ best hope to avoid a sweep of statewide offices this year. She is taking on Tom Horne, a Republican who survived a brutal primary with Andrew Thomas.

Treasurer – Former CEO of ColdStone Creamery Doug Ducey is taking on Democrat Andrei Cherny, a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton.

Corporation Commission – Democrats were dealt a blow when Jorge Luis Garcia, a candidate for Corporation Commission, died of heart complications last month. Republicans Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce will be up against Democrat David Bradley, as well as Libertarian Rick Fowlkes and unsanctioned Green Party candidates Theodore Gomez and Benjamin Pearcy. Two seats are open.

Arizona House:

Legislative District 10 – Democrats Aaron Jahneke and Jackie Thrasher will be up against Republicans Jim Weiers and Kimberly Yee.

Legislative District 11 – Democratic incumbent Eric Meyer tries to keep his seat against Republicans Kate Brophy McGee and Eric West.

Legislative District 20 – Democrat Rae Waters will be up against Republicans Jeff Dial and Bob Robson.

Legislative District 26 – Republicans Terri Proud and Vic Williams will be up against Democrat Nancy Young-Wright.

Arizona Senate

Legislative District 10 – Republican incumbent Linda Gray will be up against Democratic newcomer Justin Johnson.

Legislative District 17 – Democratic incumbent David Schapira will take on Republican Wendy Rogers.

Legislative District 23 – Democratic incumbent Rebecca Rios will defend her seat against Republican Steve Smith.

Legislative District 25 – Democratic incumbent Manny Alvarez will be up against Republican Gail Griffin.

Legislative District 26 – Republican incumbent Al Melvin will take on Democrat Cheryl Cage, a repeat of the contest two years ago.

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