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Still mad at Arizona, mostly

Still mad at Arizona, mostly

On Twitter, you find a lot of people who are still mad at the Grand Canyon state, and tonight just made them madder.  Here are a few that I found in the past few minutes — censored as needed:

From koalasloverain of Arkansas:

What the —- is wrong with you, country? Especially you, Arizona. Get out of my face. I want to move to Vancouver or London. Couve=cheaper.

From Carmelita, whose location is “Worldwide”:

McCain and Brewer wins pretty much means I’m not stepping into #Arizona anytime soon. Oh well time to get @yayamartinez to L.A.

From Cee-Jay, in New Castle, Delaware:

I am officially an endangered species, according to the voters of Arizona and @thedudesandroid!

From thepaleunicorn, another resident of “worldwide.”:

Really Arizona? WTF?

From thelolrus of Seattle/Vancouver:

wow, arizona, why don’t you just drop off the map?

From transmatrix, right here in Phoenix:

God damn it Arizona, did you seriously just re-elect Jan “has no ——- right being the governor and hates Mexicans” Brewer? Sickens me

From glambert1609 of Central California, declaring herself to Huffington Post’s twitterfeed:

@HuffingtonPost So happy I dont live in Arizona!!!!!!!

From LishaMosure, right here in Prescott:

Due to this election I must say: ARIZONA… YOU ARE THE MOST EMBARASSING ——- STATE IN THE LOWER 48!

From Flagstaff Mama, right here in Flagstaff:

Ahhhh Arizona…. Not sure I can be Flagstaff Mama forever if this keeps up. Maybe Denver or Portland needs a new mama?

From arizonaa of Madrid, Spain:

EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS ARIZONA I THINK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT ME but then i realize i didn’t elect john mccain and i’m not a state

And from Phoenixite GracielaArmenda:

wow. Arizona, welcome to the 4th reich. #janbrewer

To be sure, not all the mentions of Arizona tonight were so embittered. Gov. Brewer’s re-election earned her a handful of congratulatory tweets. There were lots of posts about Proposition 203, the medical marijuana initiative, with some tweeters very hopeful for the measure’s prospects in what looks like a squeaker.

But most fun of all was the link to this blog, Coming to America: From Dublin With Love, by an Irish magazine writer named Sarah who moved to the Arizona to be with her boyfriend. He picked her up Monday night at Sky Harbor.  She posted her first impressions of Arizona here.

After checking out the house (it’s actually really nice, I was mean to call it caravanesque) I went off to wash all that recycled air out of my hair while Eoin ordered us some Mexican food for collection (or take out, as they call it over here, the madsers). I wanted shrimp enchiladas and he went for beef chimichangas. We also got a side of nachos since it was such a momentous occasion. Then we went off to get it, via a quick pit stop at a vending machine to pick up a DVD. When we got back to the house and unloaded all the grub there was a slightly stunned silence. Now, I was expecting the portions to be big over here but the amount of food we had was CRAY CRAY. The nachos came in a massive tray; a Christmas turkey could have comfortably swung a cat in it. And our meals were also HUGE. Plus, they gave us three paper bags of nachos and SIX dips. In fairness, we made it an impressive dent in it but it definitely made me aware of how much extra lard I’ll be eating while I’m here.

–John Stodder

  1. Sarah

    Hi John,
    So glad you like my blog! Today is day 3 for me in Arizona and I’m going to check out the state fair. NO idea what to expect but needless to say I’m excited.

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