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The headlines we really wanted to write on election night

The headlines we really wanted to write on election night

We see lots of things from our virtual perch high above 1700 W. Washington. Our exposure to all things political in Arizona typically results in some mix of these three reactions: Often we laugh, occasionally we’re astonished, and rarely we’re surprised.

Our continual challenge to present the news to you, our faithful readers, in such a way as to grab your attention, sometimes produces wild and outlandish results. Our creativity can be entertaining, but in many cases it’s just too far out there to present in a serious manner.

However, readers, you are about to benefit from our newsroom’s sleep-deprived and coffee-fueled state on this Nov. 3, so here are eight headlines from the election that never made it into the Arizona Capitol Times – and for good reason.

• Brewer has did it!
• Citizen Goddard – even more boring than Politician Goddard
• Quayle ready to knock the hell out of Washington… if he can find it
• Prop. 203 outcome still hazy
• Terry, Barry and Larry announce reality TV series, premium ice cream brand
• Horne: Secretary of State is a step up from AG, right?
• Ducey creams Cherny
• Schweikert offers to buy Mitchell’s abandoned CD5 office

  1. Bev Payne
    Bev Payne11-04-2010

    The headline I really want to see (soon) is, “All parties are going to work together to save our nation.” No more huffing and puffing and ‘blow your house down’. We all live in that house. Pick your spot, grab your partner across the aisle and clean it up.

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