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Vacation time, French-style

Vacation time, French-style

France may be the GOP’s favorite cautionary example for liberal economic policies, but it’s a fine place for a post-election trip.

Now that the election is over, Gov. Jan Brewer’s advisor Chuck Coughlin is making up for lost time by taking his long-awaited honeymoon, which he and his wife, Patricia, are taking in Paris and Italy.

Arizona GOP Chairman Randy Pullen is taking his downtime in the land of Napolean and de Gaulle as well. Doug Cole, Coughlin’s partner at HighGround, said the two are in different parts of the country and joked that they aren’t taking any meetings.

Coughlin and his wife, Patricia, got married in March, but with Proposition 100 and Brewer’s election, Coughlin couldn’t get away for the honeymoon until now.

“When you get married in March and do your honeymoon in November, that’s a pretty understanding spouse,” Cole said. “Patricia is a very understanding spouse to wait that long for a honeymoon.”

Pullen may need all the downtime he can get, since he looks to be pretty busy once he gets back. He hasn’t made clear whether he’ll seek a third term as the Arizona GOP chairman, but others are already campaigning for his job.

Pinal County Republican Party Chairman Marty Hermanson’s announcement that he’ll seek the party chairmanship came during Pullen’s vacation, and Sen. John McCain’s allies are rumored to be seeking a candidate as well.

Pullen’s absence left Arizona GOP 1st Vice Chair Augustus Shaw as the man to talk to for party business. When Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Don Bivens sat down with the Arizona Capitol Times to discuss his party’s electoral fortunes and future, Shaw filled in for Pullen to give the Republican perspective.

Pullen is due back in Arizona this weekend, while Coughlin will return a week or two after that – provided that there are enough non-striking cab drivers and airport workers left in France to get them here.

– Jeremy Duda

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