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Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2010’

  • Robocall says “Relax”

    Would this work if it was tried on you?  The phone rings. It’s a pre-recorded voice, saying: “I’m calling to let everyone know that Gov. O’Malley and President Obama have been successful. Our goals have been met. The polls were correct, and we took [inaudible],” …

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  • Blue Dog Chet Edwards swept out of office; Barney Frank survives

    As the networks line up behind projections that the Republican Party will take control of the House of Representatives, some familiar Democratic leaders are starting to show up on the list of tonight’s losers. Like Chet Edwards: Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards, ousted Tuesday night after …

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  • Arizona’s uncontested races

    Here is a list of the uncontested races in Arizona, provided by the Associated Press:

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  • U.S. Senate likely to remain Democratic, pundits concede

    Networks project that West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, will defeat Republican John Raese in the special election to replace the late Robert Byrd.  According to the right-leaning Washington Examiner’s Timothy P. Carney, Manchin’s win renders GOP chances of taking control of the Senate, …

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  • Quayle gets late Palin cash; Hulburd takes in Dem money

    Ben Quayle got the big name. Jon Hulburd got the bigger money. At least that’s how it went according to the last-minute financial disclosures leading up to today’s election. Quayle’s campaign reported to federal elections officials Monday (Nov. 1) that it received a $5,000 donation …

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  • Anxious Hulburd trying to outwork Quayle

    Even though it was his fifth, but not his last, meet-and-greet event of the day, Jon Hulburd was all smiles as he entered Legislative District 10 Democratic headquarters late in the afternoon on Election Day.

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  • We’ll be covering the most competitive races – all night

    We’ve spent countless hours examining polls, trailing candidates, asking tough questions and digging deeply into the backgrounds of more than 200 candidates whose names will be on Arizona ballots today. Just like the candidates and campaign staffers, it seems like everything the Arizona Capitol Times’ newsroom has done during the past year has led up to this moment.

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  • West hitches campaign to Meyer

    Many Democrats in the state are running to the middle. And many Republicans are running to the right. So it’s interesting strategy that in an election cycle where the GOP is energized and on the attack, a political newcomer in Legislative District 11, Republican Eric …

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  • ‘Popcorn man’ makes community a priority, not elections

    About a week ago, my five-year-old son and I attended a festival at his school that included games, crafts and food. After waiting in line at a popcorn stand, a casually dressed man stooped over and began asking each child for their name and whether they would like him to serve them some popcorn. Little did I know the popcorn man was a prominent Arizona politician.

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