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Author Archive for: ‘AZCR Staff’

  • May’s DUI is but one ‘skeleton’ this election season

    This is the time when the skeletons come out, and we’re not talking about Halloween. With election season in full swing, reporters and political operatives are looking into the backgrounds of candidates for public office and finding criminal convictions, bankruptcies, unpaid bills and any other …

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  • 2010 Leaders of the Year awards recipients named

    Mark your calendar. The fourth annual Leaders of the Year of award ceremony is just around the corner and we hope you’ll join the Arizona Capitol Times to celebrate 17 individuals and organizations for their professional and civic involvement.

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  • Commission only knocks a few judges on performance

    The state’s 27-member commission that grades judges gave unanimous thumbs up for nearly all 64 of the judges up for retention this year except a few.

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  • Napolitano outlines path to citizenship, immigration system overhaul in ASU address

    Agree with her on the issues or not, you have to admit that Janet Napolitano possesses an unmatched perspective on some of Arizona’s most urgent challenges. And whether on the subject of immigration enforcement or balancing security with liberty, Napolitano offered her solutions in a confident, almost matter-of-fact manner Thursday night at ASU.

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  • What do you think: Will J.D.’s gamble pay off?

    Sure, Congress historically swings away from a first-term president’s party during the off-year election. But former U.S. House Member J.D. Hayworth is betting on such a dramatic swing of the pendulum that he will be able to topple fellow Republican Sen. John McCain.

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