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  • Burns vacates office, reflects on career

    Few sights say more about the end of a political career than a politician vacating his office.

    On Dec. 8, one of Arizona’s longest-serving lawmakers packed his belongings in cardboard boxes, descended the stairs of the Senate and loaded them onto his car.

    But Senate President Bob Burns’ departure reveals something more.

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  • “It’s a very difficult night for Democrats” with GOP seen as gaining veto-proof majority

    Three incumbent Democratic state senators appear to be on their way out, based on unofficial and preliminary results on Tuesday night, dramatically altering the political landscape at the capitol. If they failed to mount a late comeback, the defeat of Assistant Senate Minority Leader Rebecca …

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  • A BIG ‘thank you’ from Allen

    Sen. Sylvia Allen, who is well poised to retain her eastern Arizona seat in Legislative District 5, has sent a “thank you” email to supporters, calling her constituents “the best Americans in our country!” Allen, a Republican from Snowflake, typed the email in red, 72-point …

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  • AZ GOP smiling early

    Preliminary election results look promising for Republicans, who hope to gain supermajority control of the state Senate. Republicans hold the early lead in legislative Districts 23, 24 and 25, which are currently Democratic seats. Republicans Sens. Linda Gray and Al Melvin are also leading in …

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  • Republican Pierce running away with victory

    There are no surprises in Legislative District 1, where Sen. Steve Pierce has pulled away from his Democratic challenger, Bob Donahue. Pierce, a Republican from Prescott, has captured 40,910 votes – nearly doubling Donahue’s 21,654, according to the latest unofficial tally from the Secretary of …

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  • Helpful and honest, Garcia will be missed

    I was on the way home Oct. 15 when my editor called to tell me that Sen. Jorge Garcia had died. I spent the next few hours confirming it and calling his colleagues to ask for their thoughts about the Democratic leader. It was only …

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  • It’s still the economy

    The figures paint a grim picture: Arizona’s jobless rate stands at 9.7 percent, revenues have come in below forecast, the state’s budget deficit could reach $700 million in the current fiscal year. And now the U.S. Census puts the number of Arizonans in households earning …

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  • Kelly plays defense on Social Security

    After weeks of being hammered on his position on Social Security, Republican challenger Jesse Kelly countered the criticism in a television ad to be aired this week in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. In the ad, Kelly said U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the incumbent Democrat, is …

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  • What about the biggest problem?

    Illegal immigration is an inescapable subject in Arizona’s heated elections, but several policymakers are actively trying to steer the conversation back to the elephant in the room – the economy.

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  • Primary winners don’t fit nicely into overarching theme

    If any theme emerged from the Aug. 24 primary, it’s that there wasn’t a single overarching theme. Instead, there was a little bit of everything. Some tea party candidates and “outsiders” won, which confirms that the anti-establishment sentiment directed at Washington, D.C. extends to Arizona. …

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