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  • Burns vacates office, reflects on career

    Few sights say more about the end of a political career than a politician vacating his office.

    On Dec. 8, one of Arizona’s longest-serving lawmakers packed his belongings in cardboard boxes, descended the stairs of the Senate and loaded them onto his car.

    But Senate President Bob Burns’ departure reveals something more.

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  • On second thought…

    Sitting for an interview can often be an uncomfortable situation, especially if you’re talking about yourself. A lot of questions can run through your mind. Is the reporter going to ask fair questions? Am I going to be portrayed fairly? Am I going to sound stupid?

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  • Ron Paul Revolution returns to ASU

    The musk of democracy in full swing hangs in the air over the Hayden Lawn at Arizona State University as Ron Paul supporters gather to hear the Texas representative speak. Roughly 200 people – smaller than his last speech at ASU – rally like moths …

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  • Schweikert’s camp tries – but fails – to tie Mitchell to sign damage

    David Schweikert’s campaign appears to be falsely claiming that a Democratic activist and Harry Mitchell’s campaign conspired to damage Schweikert’s signs. The claim, issued in a press release Oct. 26 with the headline “We Caught Them!,” stems from a dust-up between a Schweikert supporter and …

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  • One last interview with Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia

    On the morning of Oct. 15, I spoke with Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia over the phone. Little did I know that my first interview with him would possibly be the last time he would talk to a reporter before passing away later that day. I was …

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  • Killer says politics will force his execution

    A condemned inmate asked the Arizona Supreme Court Oct. 13 to postpone his execution until after the gubernatorial election. Jeffrey Landrigan argues in legal briefs that Gov. Jan Brewer has political incentive to go forward with the Oct. 26 execution even if the Arizona Board …

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  • The immigration enforcement backlog

    Nearly five months ago, I reported that the lasting impact of SB1070 – assuming it ever goes into effect the way its drafters intended – may be to increase the number of illegal immigrants who are given temporary work visas and permanent U.S. citizenship. A …

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  • ‘Fighting words’ or just bad behavior?

    Arizona’s latest First Amendment Supreme Court case is trying to determine whether a Deer Valley High School student’s foul-mouthed insults hurled at a teacher are “fighting words” and criminal. The Arizona Supreme Court, which took its gavels and robes on the road today, is hearing …

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  • Center for Arizona Policy jumps into California’s gay-marriage fray

    The most powerful evangelical Christian advocacy group in Arizona has signed a friend-of-the-court brief filed in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to bolster California’s case against gay marriage. The Center for Arizona Policy announced that it got involved because the case jeopardizes bans on …

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  • Civil rights probes ramp up, but no indictments

    U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke recently said that the potential for an increase in excessive force cases naturally follows an increase in federal agents at the border. Maybe, maybe not when it comes to Arizona. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice has put a …

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