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Category Archive for: ‘Prop. 100’

  • Rasmussen puts Brewer at 61 percent

    Rasmussen Reports isn’t regarded by most political insiders as the most accurate of firms, but no margin of error is likely to ease the blow its most recent poll delivered to Dean Martin and Buz Mills.

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  • Goddard announces support for Prop. 100

    Attorney General Terry Goddard said he will support Proposition 100, ending months of fence-sitting on the temporary sales tax increase. Goddard, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, announced his support in a Mother’s Day email blast to his supporters. “It’s a day for making sure …

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  • Another poll, another case of missing information

    Another week, another press release touting poll results that can’t be truly judged by the Fourth Estate because a campaign won’t release any of the data that goes along with the poll other than what they want reported.

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