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  • Are we on the same page?

    Blogs are great. Free of traditional journalism neutrality, or at least attempts for neutrality. More room for humor, gripes, knee-jerk reactions, and all the other ingredients that make writing more compelling to read than run-of-the-mill reporting.

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  • Schweikert ramps up ads after declaring victory

    It turns out the primary is still on Aug. 24 after all.

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  • Reaction to S1070 ruling: GOP riled, Dems elated

    Arizona politicians reacted to today’s S1070 ruling as expected: Many Republicans were upset that federal Judge Susan Bolton halted the major parts of the law, and many Democrats were relieved that it was gutted before taking effect. Here’s what they had to say: Sen. Russell Pearce, Mesa …

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  • Brewer inches up in polls, Dean slides, many still undecided

    Rasmussen’s latest poll shows some upward movement for Gov. Jan Brewer in the four-way race for the GOP primary nomination, with State Treasurer Dean Martin sliding down.

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  • What do you think: Will J.D.’s gamble pay off?

    Sure, Congress historically swings away from a first-term president’s party during the off-year election. But former U.S. House Member J.D. Hayworth is betting on such a dramatic swing of the pendulum that he will be able to topple fellow Republican Sen. John McCain.

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  • Waring leads, but many undecideds in CD3

    A recent poll that showed Jim Waring was leading the pack of contenders in Arizona Congressional District 3, but only 28 percent of those surveyed had decided who they plan to vote for.

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  • What are ‘rogue’ conservatives aiming for?

    While Sarah Palin’s latest political maneuvering has her headlining the National Tea Party Convention beginning today (Feb. 4) in Nashville, Tenn., the GOP establishment must be considering what John McCain’s former vice presidential candidate’s future plans really are.

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  • Brewer applauds Legislature on tax hike vote

    After 10 long months of urging the Legislature to put a temporary one-cent sales tax increase on the ballot, Gov. Jan Brewer finally got her wish. After the House approved a May 18 special election and a ballot measure on the proposed tax hike, Brewer …

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