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  • One last interview with Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia

    On the morning of Oct. 15, I spoke with Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia over the phone. Little did I know that my first interview with him would possibly be the last time he would talk to a reporter before passing away later that day. I was …

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  • Reaction to S1070 ruling: GOP riled, Dems elated

    Arizona politicians reacted to today’s S1070 ruling as expected: Many Republicans were upset that federal Judge Susan Bolton halted the major parts of the law, and many Democrats were relieved that it was gutted before taking effect. Here’s what they had to say: Sen. Russell Pearce, Mesa …

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  • Bipartisanship a thing of the past in Arizona Senate

    The bipartisanship that was displayed when Senate Republicans and Democrats cooperated to pass the sales tax referral last month appears to have flickered out since then.

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