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  • Baughman, Todd
  • 3636 N. Central Ave., Ste. 590, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  • (602) 274-4244
  • (602) 274-8339
  • Since its beginning in 1991, Policy Development Group, Inc. (PDGi) has established itself as a leader in providing thoughtful and cutting edge solutions to complex problems. We pride ourselves in providing our public and private sector clients the very best creative and inventive thinking when developing public affairs and public relations strategies to address their challenges.
 Bio & Experience:
  • “We are unique because we help each other out. Everybody works from a level playing field; PDG employees are created equal." - Todd Baughman

    Todd joined PDGi in 2007 and primarily serves as a lobbyist and strategist for our clients at the State level. He carries a genuine passion for the political process and the people involved. In addition to being the lead lobbyist for several clients, Todd assists with virtually every one of the firm’s legislative efforts and coordinates the day-to-day legislative agenda for our clients. Additionally, he actively participates in non-legislative efforts, predominately involving public involvement and campaign initiatives.

    Originally educated and trained as an accountant, Todd worked in the financial services industry doing tax, audit, and public accounting for several years before entering the world of politics as US Senator Jon Kyl’s deputy campaign treasurer. There he managed the $15 million budget for the campaign and actively participated in the political efforts. Following the campaign, Todd worked with The Symington Group for a short time before joining PDGi.

    Todd serves on the board of the Downtown Urban Community Kids and attends Camelback Bible Church. He graduated from The Master’s College with a degree in business administration and accounting and lives in Phoenix.