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  • Jacobs, Gretchen
  • 99 E. Virginia Ave., Ste. 180, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • (602) 296-5966
 Cell Phone:
  • (602) 999-4337
  • (602) 296-4895
  • Arizona Governmental Affairs is a full-service government relations firm with a wide range of subject matter expertise. Our public policy professionals have represented leading corporations and institutions with legislative and regulatory concerns before the Arizona State Legislature. We have developed special expertise and achieved positive outcomes for our clients in areas such as appropriations, education, healthcare, beverage alcohol, gaming, defense, energy, environment, financial services, tax policy, telecommunications.
 Bio & Experience:
  • With a degree in political science from USC and a law degree from Santa Clara, Gretchen spent the first part of her career in civil courtrooms, then shifted to the Arizona political arena in 1999. Ever since, her lobbying career has been defined by a few key points:

    • Trust: By working together with legislators and with the executive branch without publicizing these relationships, Gretchen creates a level of confidence that translates into results, not hype.

    • Determination: Gretchen has a long record of success for her clients. As she puts it, “I never give up. There is always another avenue to achieve results if the first avenue stalls.”

    • Focus: Gretchen has helped clients from the high tech world to the insurance industry, substance abuse treatment providers to autism treatment. How does she handle such complex, diverse needs? By crafting thoughtful strategies, getting directly to the point and acting tirelessly to move your interests forward.

    • Relationships: In a business that’s often a bloodsport, Gretchen has built deep, long-term professional relationships across the political map. Let others leave bodies in their path; Gretchen prefers to leave a trail of success.