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  • Lynch, Robert
  • 340 E. Palm Ln., Ste. 140, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • (602) 254-5908
  • (602) 257-9542
  • Robert S. Lynch & Associates is a small legal firm specializing in energy, water, environmental and land law and regulatory matters. The practice provides services to various groups, national and state, related to this area of law. They represent political subdivisions, associations and individual clients before state and federal agencies, in the Arizona Legislature and before Congress. Mr. Lynch serves as Counsel and Assistant Treasurer/Secretary to the Irrigation and Electrical Districts' Association of Arizona (IEDA). The practice includes selected litigation subjects, primarily in water and energy matters.
 Bio & Experience:
  • Robert S. Lynch devotes most of his practice to water, electricity, and environmental law issues. He litigates and consults on issues concerning federal and state water, power, environmental and public land issues and federal and state legislation and regulations. His current focus includes issues related to federal and state electric deregulation, federal and state water law and policy, and environmental issues involving, among others, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act. He has worked on such projects as the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Cross-Florida Barge Canal and the Central Arizona Project. He has consulted on issues related to Glen Canyon and Hoover Dams, federal hydropower issues and related water and water rights issues. He is currently working on several water, power and endangered species issues related to the Colorado River. He was appointed in June 1996 by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives to the seven-member Federal Water Rights Task Force, a federal advisory committee, established by the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act, P.L. 104-127.

    Mr. Lynch holds Bachelor of Arts (1961) and Bachelor of Laws (1964) degrees from the University of Arizona and a Master of Laws degree with a specialization in natural resources law from George Washington University (1972). His law practice includes representation of clients in the Arizona Legislature and before Congress. His practice also includes representation of clients before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Arizona Corporation Commission and in state and federal courts. His litigation experience includes matters before the U.S. Supreme Court, nine of the 13 federal appellate courts, three state supreme courts and several lower courts.

    He serves on the Advisory Committee of the American Public Power Association and on the Board of Directors of its political action committee, PowerPAC (Chairman 2000-2007). He is a 2003 recipient of APPA’s Kramer-Preston Personal Service Award. He also serves on the Water and Property Rights (Chair) and Energy Issues Committees of the National Water Resources Association, as well as on task forces on the Endangered Species Act of both national associations. He served as President (1991-1996) and Chairman of the Board (1996-2000) of the Central Arizona Project Association. He belongs to the Arizona, Maricopa County and Federal Bar Associations, and is a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

    His publications include “Complying with NEPA: The Tortuous Path to an Adequate Environmental Impact Statement”, 14 Arizona Law Review 717 (1973), and “The 1973 CEQ Guidelines: Cautious Updating of the Environmental Impact Statement Process”, 11 California Western Law Review 297 (1975). He has testified before congressional and state legislative committees and in numerous federal agency hearings. He has presented papers to conferences of the American Public Power Association, the Engineering Foundation, the Federal Bar Association, the National Commission on Water Quality, the Western Systems Coordinating Council, the National Water Resources Association, and the Governor’s Commission on Arizona Environment.