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  • Petrone, Brandy
  • 3200 N. Central Ave., Ste. 2200, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  • (602) 277-0911
 Cell Phone:
  • (602) 821-8318
  • (602) 277-3506
  • Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs provides clients with timely and effective government relations and public affairs services that are based on the firm’s extensive experience and service in state, regional and local government. The firm, which has a balanced and diverse portfolio of public and private sector clients, is located in Phoenix, Arizona and serves clients throughout the state.
 Bio & Experience:
  • Brandy Petrone is a senior associate with the firm. Prior to joining the firm, Petrone served five years as legislative research staff in the Arizona State Senate. During her service to the Senate, she performed in a number of legislative roles including serving as the legislative research staff for the Senate Committee on Commerce under the current chairman, Senator Barbara Leff. As the legislative research staff for the Senate Committee on Commerce, Petrone most recently focused on commerce and economic development issues, including general corporate law and business regulation, banking, landlord-tenant issues, real estate and economic development. Prior to her tenure with the Commerce Committee, she was an Assistant Research Analyst for the Committees on Health, Commerce and Finance and served as a graduate intern for the Appropriations Committee.

    Petrone holds undergraduate degrees from Northern Arizona University in Public Administration, with an emphasis in International Marketing, and in Spanish.