Congratulations to all Best of the Capitol nominees!

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Congratulations! The winners will be announced at the Arizona Capitol Times Best of the Capitol awards night on June 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Phoenix Art Museum. To reserve your seat or purchase a table, register HERE:

Best Elected Official – Republican

             Rep. Doug Coleman

             Sen. Kate Brophy McGee

             Gov. Doug Ducey

             Rep. Heather Carter

             House Speaker J.D. Mesnard

             U.S. Sen. John McCain

  Best Elected Official – Democrat

             Rep. Lela Alston

             Rep. Mark Cardenas

             Sen. Sean Bowie

             Rep. Rebecca Rios

             Rep. Randy Friese

             Sheriff Paul Penzone

  Best Debater – Republican

             House Speaker J.D. Mesnard

             Sen. John Kavanagh

             Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

             Rep. Heather Carter

             Sen. Steve Smith

             Senate President Steve Yarbrough

  Best Debater – Democrat

             Rep. Randy Friese

             Sen. Steve Farley

             Sen. Katie Hobbs

             Sen. Sean Bowie

             Rep. Ken Clark

             Rep. Mark Cardenas

  Best Bill Sponsor – House

             Rep. Heather Carter

             Rep. Doug Coleman

             Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

             Rep. Jeff Weninger

             Rep. Paul Boyer

             Rep. T.J. Shope

  Best Bill Sponsor – Senate

             Sen. Kate Brophy McGee

             Sen. Sonny Borelli

             Sen. John Kavanagh

             Sen. Karen Fann

             Sen. Nancy Barto

             Sen. Kimberly Yee

  Toughest Bill/Hardest Sell

             Governor’s water agenda

             H2479 (TPT; digital goods & services)/S1392 (TPT; digital goods & services)

             S1390 (TPT; additional rate; education) Prop 301 extension

             H2011 (cosmetology; licensing exceptions)

             HCM2006 (Equal Rights Amendment deadlines; urging Congress)

             Recreational marijuana legalization

  Best Committee Chair

             Sen. John Kavanagh

             Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

             Sen. Sonny Borrelli

             Rep. Rusty Bowers

             Rep. Heather Carter

             Rep. Doug Coleman

  Best Committee of the Whole Chair

             Rep. David Cook

             Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

             House Speaker J.D. Mesnard

             Rep. Jeff Weninger

             Rep. Jill Norgaard

             Sen. Steve Smith

  Best Activist

             Brandy Wells

             Dana Naimark

             Scot Mussi

             Emily Jenkins

             Tina Norton

             Sandy Bahr

             Noah Karvelis

  Best Lobbyist

             Don Isaacson

             Russell Smoldon

             Barry Aarons

             Wendy Briggs

             Chuck Coughlin

             Gretchen Jacobs

             Mike Gardner

  Best Lobbyist Under 40

             Cheyenne Walsh

             Gretchen Conger

             Katie Prendergast

             Steve Moortel

             Amy Love

             Dianne McCallister

  Best Government Lobbyist

             Gretchen Conger

             Amy Love

             Katie Fischer

             Patrice Kraus

             Jennifer Marson

             Amanda Rusing

  Best Lobbying Firm

             Isaacson & Walsh


             Willetta Partners

             AZ Governmental Affairs


             DeMenna Public Affairs

             Policy Development Group

  Best Dressed

             Danny Seiden

             Russell Smoldon

             Ryan O’Daniel

             Michael Racy

             Kelsey Lundy

             Penny Allee Taylor

  Best Testifier in Committee

             Becky Hill

             Amy Love

             Don Isaacson

             Eileen Klein

             Kathy Senseman

             Kelsey Lundy

  Best Capitol/Political Lawyer

             Jeff Kros

             Kory Langhofer

             Mike Liburdi

             Joe Kanefield

             Brett Johnson

             Danny Seiden

             Thomas Collins

  Best Capitol Staffer

             Michael Hunter

             Wendy Baldo

             Daniel Scarpinato

             Jeff Kros

             Richard Stavneak

             Amilyn Pierce

  Best Political Rising Star

             Brandy Wells

             Dawn Penich-Thacker

             Rep. Michelle Udall

             Katie Franquist

             Katie Prendergast

             Stephen Shadegg

  Best Power Broker

             Glenn Hamer

             Jessica Pacheco

             Kirk Adams

             Michael Hunter

             Bas Aja

             Tom Farley

  Best Power Couple

             Sen. Kate Brophy McGee and Rep. Doug Coleman

             Deb and Wes Gullett

             Courtney McKinstry and Chad Campbell

             Barrett and Jen Marson

             U.S. Sen. John and Cindy McCain

             Sen. John and Linda Kavanagh

             Meghaen and Marcus Dell’Artino

  Best PR Person

             Matthew Benson

             Daniel Scarpinato

             Garrick Taylor

             Barrett Marson

             Dawn Penich-Thacker

             David Leibowitz

  Best PR Firm


             Marson Media


             Leibowitz Solo

             Strategies 360

             Rose+Moser+Allyn Public Relations

  Best Twitterer

             Beth Lewallen

             Annie Vogt

             Garrett Archer

             Chad Guzman

             Barrett Marson

             Matthew Benson

  Best Industry Trade & Professional Association

             Save our Schools Arizona

             Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

             Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

             Arizona Chapter Associated General Contractors of America

             League of Arizona Cities and Towns

             Arizona Rock Products Association

             Arizona Association of REALTORS

             Arizona Association of School Business Officials

  Best Charity

             Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

             Valley of the Sun United Way

             St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

             Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness

             Association of Arizona Food Banks

             Girl Scouts Arizona

  Best Grassroots Efforts


             Save Our Schools Arizona

             Arizona Parents for Recess

             Sunrise Modification

             Arizona Education Project

             Proposition 301 Campaign

  Best After-Hours Hangout


             The Vig

             Phoenix Public Market Café

             Bitter & Twisted

             Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar

             Alexi’s Grill

  Best Place to Impress a Client

             Steak 44

             At Bill Signing Ceremony

             House Speaker’s Office


             Phoenix City Hall

             Donovan’s Steak & Chop House

  Best Capitol Lawn Event

             SRP Day

             Realtors Day

             Mining Day at the Capitol

             Department of Agriculture’s Cow Milking Contest

             Environmental Day

             Optometry Day at the Capitol

  Best Protest Event


             March for Our Lives


             Adults with Development Disabilities Day

             Women’s March on Jan 21

             Navajo Generating Station rally – Yes to NGS

  Best Awards Event

             Governor’s Arts Awards

             Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Heritage Awards

             Greater Phoenix Chamber ATHENA Awards

             The Robert Meza Charity Event

             Greater Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Awards

             Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism

  Best Cocktail Party

             Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Industry Legislative Kick-off

             Rustler’s Rooste Round-up

             The Rock – Arizona Rock Products Association Legislative Mixer

             The Veridus Purple Party

             Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Legislative Forecast Luncheon

             Christmas Party at Rose Law Group