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Election impact

A woman uses hand sanitizer after voting in the presidential primary election at the Summit View Church of the Nazarene March 10, 2020, in Kansas City, Mo. The polling place served two precincts as voters who were scheduled to vote at a nearby senior living facility were directed to vote at the church after the facility backed out due to coronavirus concerns. With the virus beginning to take hold in Arizona, the state's Presidential Preference Election and the subsequent election season will be filled with myriad issues related to the virus. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The 2020 election cycle has only begun to scratch the service in the world of COVID-19. Arizona had a successful Presidential Preference Election on March 17, but still faces hardship with two signature deadlines (candidates on April 6 and ballot measures July 2) before the primary election on August 4 and eventually the general election on November 2.

Virus impact spreads to elections, campaigning

Days after Gov. Doug Ducey called for a state of emergency, campaigners and petition gatherers were immediately impacted. READ MORE

Court stops County Recorder from sending ballots to all voters for the Presidential Preference Election

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes wanted to mail ballots to all registered Democratic voters who were not on the permanent early voter list so they wouldn’t have to subject themselves to spreading the coronavirus, but Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich got in the way. READ MORE

Biden wins Arizona Democratic primary in coronavirus shadow

Arizona Democratic voters turned out to the polls, if they didn’t vote by mail, with some in masks and gloves to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Turnout was still large as former Vice President Joe Biden defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders by double digit points. READ MORE

Short legislative session threatens multitude of ballot proposals

The Legislative session has adjourned until at least April 13, but returning at that date doesn’t seem likely. Whenever the House and Senate do reconvene it may result in a quick adjournment leaving all alive ballot referrals to die until the 2022 election cycle. READ MORE

Coronavirus puts brakes on signature gathering for ballot measures 

Campaigns still needing to collect signatures to land on the ballot in November are in a pickle. If they don’t collect enough, they risk not making the ballot, but they are struggling to find safe ways to collect to not spread COVID-19. Only one initiative has collected enough so far, and it could stay that way. READ MORE

Initiative backers ask court to allow online signature gathering

Four ballot initiatives asked the Arizona Supreme Court for permission to gather signatures online, given the current challenge to collect during COVID-19. READ MORE

Here is how COVID-19 has impacted Arizona’s agencies, departments, etc.

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