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Custom Publishing

Arizona News Service offers custom publishing. If you have a newsletter, magazine or project to produce and don’t have the time or resources to complete it, contact us. We currently work with associations and groups to develop their marketing products. Plus, the unique content we produce can be reproduced into a guide for your employees and clients saving you time and money. For more information or to request a quote, click here.

Our custom publishing projects include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Magazines
  • Award Programs
  • Booklets
  • Guides
  • Election Directories and much more




  1. Hello,
    how can I publish Articles of Incorporation with your newspaper and what is the cost?

    Thank you,
    Jamie Kurti.

  2. Sylvia Allen R District Senator AZ is not a good representative of your community after her SB 1082 introduction. After her national display of not being able to grasp the concepts and norms of the 21st century, It would be best that she resign. This will give her time to take sensitivity coursework, review her prejudices and understand how these attitudes are not helping attract business to Arizona and her district.

    It is just simple, the district deserves better.
    Stephen Woody

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