Bauer, Rich

Democrat – Legislative District 24 House

Phone: (602) 363-6129

Email: [email protected]


Address: 220 W Glenrosa Ave , Phoenix, AZ 85013

Age: 53. (02/19/61, Phoenix, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Retired captain, Phoenix Fire Dept, 1991-2014; director, Community Programs For The United Phoenix Firefighters, 1996-2014.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: Did not provide.

Political experience: Always worked on campaigns since Carolyn Warner, from robo-calls to call banks, walks and pounding political signs.

Interests: Exercise and landscaping/gardening.

Two biggest issues: College education is not affordable. I would reallocate money back to public education. Private prisons have never proven to be more affordable (now there not required to). I would push to quit giving private prisons money and move it to help all levels of public education. Small business: 85% of all businesses in Arizona are small business. Create incentives for the small business owner to hire more people and make less red tape to stay in business.

Budget priorities: My budget priorities are education, economy (jobs), public safety and equality for everyone. The state needs to take a hard look at where it is spending money ( i.e. private prisons). Wasting time and money on nonsense like religious freedom bills that mean nothing more than bigotry, we can create equality for everyone without spending a nickel. The state needs to focus on what is important to the people, not select groups, everyone.

Fiscal philosophy: We need to be fiscally responsible but realize there are things for good quality life in Arizona that needs to be paid for. This can happen by creating common ground between both parties and finding real priorities.

Common Core: Yes, we need good quality education. Quality education draws business and families to move to Arizona. We need standards to see how students are progressing throughout all levels of education.

Gifts to elected officials: Elected officials don’t need gifts, period.

Transparency in government: I believe everything needs to be transparent. The public elects us, pays us, and wants to know exactly what we’re doing and what decisions we are making, including tax breaks to business. The public needs to be included not excluded.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am pro-choice. The government should not decide on what a woman does with her body or what decisions a woman makes.

Public policy advice: Lela Alston and other trusted elected officials of all areas with common sense.