Chapman, Steven

Democrat – Legislative District 29 House

Phone: (602) 552-0364

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Steven Chapman

Twitter: @schapman4azld29

Address: 10321 W San Miguel Ave , Glendale, AZ 85307

Age: 25. (08/03/88, Phoenix, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Campaign consultant, 2012; membership recruitment/co-conference director, Marketing Education Assn, 2010-11; recreation instructor, Phoenix Parks & Recreation, 2007-09.

Marital: Single

Education: B.S., political science, ASU, 2013; A.A., Phoenix College, 2008; Westview H.S., 2006.

Political experience: Governing board member, Tolleson Union H.S. District; precinct committeeman since 2008.

Interests: Baseball, going to Diamondback games; opportunities to serve my community.

Two biggest issues: Education has to be a priority if we wish to remain competitive in and out of our state. We need a plan to better fund our schools, and improve our classrooms. I would work with the Legislature and the education community to get this done. Public safety is the responsibility of our state and local governments. I would work with local officials and state officials to make sure that we are providing everything we can to our first responders, as well as for our children with our CPS system.

Budget priorities: Education is a budget priority. We need to look at creating a sustainable funding model for our schools if we want our children to have the same opportunities as students from around the nation. Workforce development would also be a priority and tie into education. We have to make sure that our students are prepared for college and careers. Public safety has to be a budget priority because we need to protect our children through a working CPS program.

Fiscal philosophy: The Legislature should always be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money. We should always make sure we are funding essential parts like education and public safety. Even if cuts are needed, we should work to keep those cuts as far away from our schools and our safety as possible.

Common Core: These standards will bring project-based learning and relevant practices into our classrooms. I support Common Core, and would make sure that we fund the needed training and technology to support our teachers.

Gifts to elected officials: Our elected officials should be held to a high standard when it comes to gifts from those who seek influence. Communities should never be concerned with who their representatives are working for.

Transparency in government: Our government should be transparent with its activities. Government works for the people, and since the people cannot always be involved in the discussion they should always have access to minutes, records or anything else involving their community.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I support a women’s right to chose. Government should not go between people and their doctors.

Public policy advice: I would always seek input from the professionals that policy would affect. For example, as a school board member, I seek input from educators in the classroom, as well as administration.