Hack, Helmuth

Libertarian – Legislative District 21 House

Phone: (623) 703-3457

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9061 North 115th Drive, Youngtown, AZ 85363

Age: 59. (07/11/54).

Arizona since: 1993

Occupation: Land surveying company, Abengoa, Phoenix, AZ; project, Mount Signal Solar Plant, El Centro, CA, 2013.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: Field surveying certificate, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA; autoCAD training certificate, MTI College, San Bernardino, CA; land surveying certificate, ICS School of Surveying, Scranton, PA; business management, LaSalle University, Chicago, IL; paralegal certificate, PCDI, Norcross, GA; photogrammetry course, University of Riverside.

Interests: Computers, history and music.

Two biggest issues: From towns, cities up to the state level have spent an enormous amount of money while claiming they will create jobs, the noise came to a silence when the recession hit the state in 2008. The money spent went to special interest pockets and citizens are now forced to pay the enormous bill. Education continues to get worse and this new idea of Common Core will only weaken it further. School systems are bloated with heavy costs in administration and the system needs to be reformed and rolled back to a staff level of half what it is now. No more spending on infrastructure; repair and maintain what you have. No more spending on technology. Intel is wealthy enough and it doesn’t improve the individual knowledge needed for the child’s future.

Budget priorities: Have the state live on a smaller budget and reduce taxes. Citizens have taken the brunt of the punishment with taxes, time we equal the playing field. If a department abuses its powers then the department needs to be underfunded. Staff works on behalf of the public, not their own or their superior’s personal agenda. Sustaining a department by nickel and dimming the public is unacceptable.

Fiscal philosophy: Live within ones means, a balanced budget. Borrowing as a last resort. Selling assets should never become an option, unless you retire government of its parts forever.

Common Core: No child left behind was a failure like so many before it. Common Core is no different. It too will be a failure. Scrap it while we are ahead. Charter schools were and are a mistake. Fix the public schools and make them competitive. Push for the completion of the senior year to be equivalent of an associate in arts degree.

Gifts to elected officials: No gifts allowed. Clearly someone did someone a favor, which is a conflict of interest to the people. Corporations are not people.

Transparency in government: Transparency only means it is not visible until a light is shined upon. Without this light, the facts remain hidden. So let us try “open and honest” instead of “transparency”.

Pro-life / pro-choice: Until the child is born, it is none of governments business. The medical profession should do their best in caring for mother and child at all times up until termination. Medical professionals have a job to perform and their morals should not get in the way of this. An abortion is between the woman and her family if she so desires to include them. When government intervenes, then they should pick up the cost.

Public policy advice: Public policy is more of special interest groups imposing their beliefs on others, or disenfranchising citizens with higher taxes to line the pockets of businesses, which should be in itself a crime. Public policy should not hinder the free flow of ideas. It should not create monopolies. If we did it ten or twenty years ago, it should still be legal to do so today.