Lawrence, Jay

Republican – Legislative District 23 House

Phone: (602) 320-9429

Email: [email protected]


Address: 9385 E Laurel Ln , Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Age: 79. (01/14/35, Chicago, IL).

Arizona since: 1987

Occupation: Talk show host, KTAR Radio, 26 years; real estate agent, MCO Realty Fountain Hills, 16 years.

Marital: Married

Children: 3

Education: University of Illinois, Navy Pier (Chicago); Wright Jr. College (Chicago); Columbia College (Chicago); Roosevelt High School (Chicago).

Political experience: None.

Interests: I am a news junkie. Golf, fishing, playing almost all sports.

Two biggest issues: Jobs and the economy. I will work to maintain the governor’s moratorium in regulations. I will seek to make it permanent. I will work to reduce regulations, taxes and fees on business. Education. I will introduce legislation that will consolidate Arizona schools. Hundreds of millions of dollars can be save and returned to schools for teachers [and] reduce [the] size of classrooms – all the things that much money can buy for schools. I will work for career and technical education.

Budget priorities: Consolidate schools as soon as possible. I would cut out gifts to the dog track in South Tucson and find out what other “gifts” legislators have provided. I’d need to be in the Legislature to see what other fat can be cut.

Fiscal philosophy: Sensible.

Common Core: If there are good parts to Common Core they could be saved. However, there are so many bad parts to Common Core and they must be ended. Recent national results show that students are faring worse on math and reading since Common Core was implemented. Fourth graders discussing their fathers’ infidelity is absurd as is the math methodology.

Gifts to elected officials: A complete listing/publication of any and all gifts, lunches, dinners, fundraisers [and] outings sponsored by lobbyists and commercial companies.

Transparency in government: Absolute transparency, accept in the case of security. Addresses of office holders would be an example. My office will be open to all, my cell phone will be available, [and] I will have meetings with constituents on a regular basis at coffee shops, anywhere they can gather and question me.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am pro-life.

Public policy advice: I form my own opinions. I would consult with those involved in each issue as it arises.