McGuire, Barbara

Democrat – Legislative District 8 Senate

Phone: (520) 363-5002

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Barbara McGuire

Twitter: @SenBarbMcGuire

Address: 505 S Mountain View Dr , Kearny, AZ 85137

Age: 59. (07/20/54, Ray/Sonora, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Ray Unified School District since 2011; AZ state representative, 2007-2010; small business owner, 1988–2009.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: Professional travel certification, community college; Ray Unified #3 H.S.

Political experience: Two campaigns and five successful state elections.

Legis exp: Senate since 2013; House 2007-10.

Interests: Humanitarian (Copper Basin Citizen of the Year 2004), equestrian, small livestock, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, cooking, gardening, swimming, softball, music and travel.

Two biggest issues: Education and jobs: Promote and support legislation that will enhance opportunity for affordable high quality education and jobs in our district. Favor policies that build an economy that works for all of us not just big corporations, and stop outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. Promote increasing working families’ wages.

Budget priorities: Help pay for education funding by eliminating special interest loopholes paid for by corporations and their lobbyist. Improve trade exports to create good jobs here at home.

Fiscal philosophy: Keep government doing the job they are supposed to do and let us have the freedom to do ours.

Common Core: Yes. Without higher education standards, companies will not have an educated work force here and will outsource for those talents. Without the new standards, future generations will not have local, national, or international opportunity.

Gifts to elected officials: Eliminate them.

Transparency in government: The people do not exist for the government, it is the other way around. Government is and should be of the people, for the people and by the people. Through transparency we will keep government off our backs.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I do not believe government should come between a woman and her God, her family and her doctor.

Public policy advice: My constituents!