Otondo, Lisa

Democrat – Legislative District 4 House

Phone: (928) 246-1533

Email: [email protected]

Website: otondofor4.com

Facebook: Lisa Otondo

Address: 579 S 7th Ave, Yuma, AZ 85364

Age: 53. (05/19/61, Yuma, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Realtor, Century 21 Action Group, since 2008; language arts teacher, Crane Middle School, 2004-08; int’l flight attendant/ trainer/curriculum developer, American Airlines, 1991-2004; realtor, Curtis Development, 2001-04; int’l affairs specialist, Nat’l Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, 1989-90.

Marital: Divorced

Education: Master’s, int’l public administration, Monterey Institute of Int’l Studies, 1989; B.S., int’l policy studies, Monterey Institute of Int’l Studies, 1986.

Political experience: Candidate, CD7, 2002.

Legis exp: House since 2013.

Interests: Foreign language studies, travel, reading, educational/reading volunteer activities.

Two biggest issues: Budget/ revenue issues: I believe that tax credits need to be reviewed. I am concerned that we continue to give away millions in tax credits and special interests, like private prisons, without properly funding infrastructure, education and investments that will create quality, high-paying jobs. Our budget needs to reflect our priorities. Public education: We need to properly fund public education. Education is a key component to our state’s economic future. Currently we hand over enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars to private institutions without requiring any accountability. I will continue to fight for quality public education for our teachers and our school districts. Also, I believe higher education must be affordable.

Budget priorities: Tax credits must be reviewed.

Fiscal philosophy: I believe that we must be fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible. We need to invest in our critical needs such as education, job growth and infrastructure to ensure economic growth.

Common Core: These standards raise the bar for our education system, school districts, teachers and children. The standards are the product of educators and the business community, who worked together to address educational necessities and to better prepare our students for the highly competitive and technological world in which we live.

Gifts to elected officials: I don’t think gifts are necessary.

Transparency in government: Transparency is crucial and I am a strong supporter of public notice.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I believe that women’s health issues should be dealt with privately. This is between a woman, her physician and her God.

Public policy advice: There are many people with whom I confer: the local elected officials in my district, the business community, the farming community, legal professionals, analysts, teachers, doctors, nurses, workers and the list goes on! The most important part of my job is reaching out to my constituents, both private and professional, and understanding how a policy may affect their lives.