Quinonez, Marcelino

Democrat – Legislative District 27 House

Phone: (602) 574-9207

Email: [email protected]

Website: marcelinoforarizona.com

Facebook: Marcelino Quinonez

Twitter: @marcelino4AZ

Address: 6218 S 13th Pl , Phoenix, AZ 85042

Age: 30. (11/19/83, Durango, Mexico).

Arizona since: 1997

Occupation: Director of programs and development, AZ Latino Arts & Cultural Center, since 2011; English and drama teacher, Espiritu NFL YET Academy, 2007-11.

Marital: Single

Children: 1

Education: M.F.A., theater performance, ASU, 2014; B.A., theater, ASU, 2007.

Political experience: Roosevelt School District Governing Board since 2012.

Interests: I am an avid reader and writer, particularly of biographies and history. I enjoy reading novels by Ernest Hemingway, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Sandra Cisneros. I enjoy the theatre and community arts events. I have given several motivational speeches to students attending Phoenix Union High Schools. My talks focus on setting goals and making sacrifices to accomplish those goals.

Two biggest issues: The two biggest issues concerning Arizona’s future are addressing the educational needs of every student in order to prepare them for college and/or career ready after high school and creating a robust economy that invites entrepreneurship. Once elected, I will advance quality educational opportunities and set high academic standards for all children in Arizona; secure funding for essential education programs, including early childhood education; empower Arizona teachers to produce successful student outcomes and state efforts to strengthen teacher preparation in Arizona and finally ensure that DREAMer students pay in-state college/university tuition. Dealing with Arizona’s economy, I will cultivate the growth and success of Arizona’s vibrant small business community, fight for a living wage for Arizona’s workers, entice new industries and business collaborations at all levels that provide positive economic prospects to the residents of Arizona and invest in the development of a skilled and competitive Arizona workforce.

Budget priorities: Despite the best efforts of dedicated, professional educators, Arizona public schools consistently rank low in per-pupil spending, K-12 achievement, teacher salaries and pre-school offerings. Without significant attention and improvement, particularly in the area of early childhood education, Arizona students will not have the tools and preparation to succeed in school, attend college and be competitive in today’s globalized economy. Strategic investment and innovation in early childhood education is imperative to unlocking the potential of Arizona’s youth, and by extension, the robust growth and success of our state. The Arizona economy finds itself competing for jobs, skilled workers and investment not only with other states, but with countries around the world. In order to be competitive, Arizona must advance a comprehensive economic strategy that fosters meaningful growth in industry partnerships and a robust small business community. In order for Arizona to succeed and provide true quality of life to its residents, it is imperative that the state formulates and executes an economic environment based on education, innovation and collaboration on all levels.

Fiscal philosophy: I am a fiscal moderate. I believe taxes are effective strategies to better serve the needs of our state. I believe in a balanced budget geared towards addressing the needs of our children, public education and the most vulnerable in our community.

Common Core: Arizona should continue to implement the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards in order to prepare our students to compete in the global market. These standards have been implemented in 46 other states in the United States; Arizona should not watch from the sidelines. As a high school English teacher, I was able to prepare 78% of my sophomores to pass or meet the AIMS reading and writing standards. My students were prepared to enter college and several have graduated with their associates or bachelor’s degrees since being my students. My formula for success was simple: I introduced the standards to the students and presented them as challenges they could overcome with discipline and a strong work ethic. I tutored after school and on Saturdays. These standards can be met and our students should be challenged to compete with their global peers.

Gifts to elected officials: Elected officials are public servants [and] this means we are servants of our community and we should not engage in receiving gifts. These gifts have the potential to turn into favors, which limit our ability to look at an issue with an objective perspective. Our gift is being able to represent our constituents in various capacities. Once elected, I would advocate for reforms aimed at tightening ethic laws for all state lawmakers making them more accountable to their constituents.

Transparency in government: Transparency in government is the best way to establish trust, public participation and collaboration with our constituents. In order to strengthen a more effective government, I would create monthly town halls and community forums to inform and listen to community members.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am a Catholic. I firmly believe in the separation of church and state, and I am pro-choice.

Public policy advice: For advice with public policy issues, I turn to my chairman attorney Daniel Ortega, my campaign manager Maria Elena Coronado, mentors Luis Heredia and Paul Lopez, architect John Glenn, and former Arizona Legislator Ruben Gallego.