Rios, Rebecca

Democrat – Legislative District 27 House

Phone: (602) 540-4043

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Rebecca Rios

Twitter: @rios_rebecca

Address: 3136 E Beautiful Ln , Phoenix, AZ 85042

Age: 47. (06/04/67, Tucson, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Senior government & community affairs advisor, Florence Copper, since 2011; president, Florence Copper Community Foundation, since 2013.

Marital: Married

Children: 3

Education: M.S.W., ASU, 2003; B.S.W., ASU, 1989.

Political experience: Lifelong volunteer for Pete Rios campaigns, Pinal County Supervisor.

Legis exp: Senate 2005-10, minority whip, 2006-08, asst minority leader, 2008-10; House 1995-2000.

Interests: Spending time with my family, traveling, exercising.

Two biggest issues: K-12 school funding: Decades of insufficient school funding, coupled with the diverting of public tax dollars to private schools has created an Arizona public school system suffering from inequality, failing schools, an absence of full-day kindergarten, oversized classrooms, difficulty attracting and retaining quality educators and a host of other issues that negatively affect our ability to properly educate children and prepare them for higher education. The Legislature needs to look at Arizona’s school financing system and, at a minimum, provided the obligated funding amounts. Medicaid funding: The Legislature needs to be prepared to provide the funding that will be necessary to meet our Medicaid/AHCCCS obligation.

Budget priorities: Priorities should be adequate funding for K-universities, Medicaid/AHCCCS, and other state constitutionally mandated obligations.

Fiscal philosophy: Moderate/realistic. Arizona has constitutional obligations to fund public education, AHCCCS, and corrections and should not be neglecting those responsibilities. Arizona’s Rainy Day Fund should be ensured once those obligations are met.

Common Core: Yes. Arizona students need to be taught and to master the skills necessary in order to be successful in higher education and their chosen careers.

Gifts to elected officials: No.

Transparency in government: Transparency in government is crucial to ensuring public trust in our process. Providing public notice ensures that the public can participate in the process. I was proud to receive a 2010 Capitol Times Leader of the Year in Public Policy Award for advancing openness in government.

Pro-life / pro-choice: Pro-choice.

Public policy advice: When it comes to institutional memory regarding the Legislature and overall public policies, my father, Pete Rios, former Senate president and long-time legislator is a great resource.