Stevens, Adam

Republican – Legislative District 16 House

Phone: (480) 209-8363

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Adam Stevens

Twitter: @AdamforAZ

Address: 41642 N Rabbit Brush Trl , San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

Age: 28. (03/03/86, Stamford, CT).

Arizona since: 1995

Occupation: Real estate agent/broker, Prestige Platinum Realty, 2005.

Marital: Single

Education: B.A., political science/history, ASU, 2008; Desert Mountain H.S./Country Day School, 2004.

Political experience: Campaign worker for Paul Gosar reelection campaign, Matt Salmon campaign, Mike McCord for County Supervisor, 2012; local San Tan Valley elections, 2010; volunteer, John McCain 2008 presidential campaign; volunteer, President Bush reelection campaign, 2004.

Interests: Reading political and historical books (especially historical biographies), sports, traveling, politics and antique cars.

Two biggest issues: Economic reform and education. I will work to put Arizona in a better position to attract jobs and businesses, retain those we have and support local businesses to help them grow. I will look to build a broad, low tax paying taxpayer base that will promote growth and prosperity for Arizonans. I will work to eliminate the personal state income tax, reduce our state corporate tax, eliminate harmful, anti-business regulations to make Arizona the most pro-business state in the country. I will work to increase the choices and opportunities that students and parents have to decide what the best learning environment is for their child. I would make it a priority to make sure that more of the money we already spend on education is getting down to the classrooms and directly benefiting the children and not just the bureaucracy. Parents shouldn’t be spending their money on classroom supplies that traditionally have been provided by schools.

Budget priorities: Economic reform, education, welfare reform, and state trust land reform. I believe that if Arizona would create a broad, low tax paying taxpayer base that Arizona would see an increase in revenues, economic activity, and individual prosperity. Even with an increase in revenues to the state, it will still be necessary for the Legislature to look at eliminating wasteful spending and unnecessary government programs. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to fund bad and irresponsible government. The state government should first look at what it must spend money on, determine how to do what they must do in the most efficient and responsible manner, and when possible look to free market solutions to solve the problems we face as a state. Current levels of spending are not sustainable long term and Arizona should not impede future growth by making short term mistakes.

Fiscal philosophy: I am a free market, pro-business conservative. I believe there is nothing better for an economy than to empower an individual with the opportunity to work. I believe in celebrating those who work hard. I believe that the government should create an environment that allows business to grow and people to work. The government should not control the economy and decide which businesses are too big to fail and which businesses aren’t. It is also important to have an environment where business owners are celebrated for creating opportunities and prosperity, not put down as enemies of the people because they make money.

Common Core: I support very high and rigorous standards, but I am concerned about the overstress of testing in Common Core. I believe that testing has a proper role in education, but it should not be the determining factor of whether a child, teacher, or school is a success or not. I am also concerned about some of what is seen as acceptable curriculum under the Common Core standards. While the Legislature does not oversee a school’s curriculum, I do believe that the Legislature should take a look at a system that raises so many concerns and see if a better set of standards can be created at the state level. I believe that if legislators, parents, teachers, students, and other invested parties really decided to create a child-first education system, we could come up with something much better than Common Core.

Gifts to elected officials: Elected officials should not be given gifts.

Transparency in government: I believe that there should be maximum transparency in government and public notice to the community. Our government was not created to work in secrecy. The people of Arizona are the employers, and the government should remember that they serve the people and are not above the people. The actions of the government should be monitored and held accountable.

Pro-life / pro-choice: There is nothing more valuable than a human life.

Public policy advice: When I am not sure of what to do, I turn to people I know who have expertise on that issue and will always listen to different points of view before reaching a decision.