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Cuccia, Frank

Democrat – Legislative District 1 House

Phone: (928) 458-6931

Email: [email protected]

Website: vote

Facebook: Frank Cuccia

Address: 940 Buckhill Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

Age: 58. (09/06/55, Cleveland, OH).

Arizona since: 2006

Occupation: Coach/teacher, Higley Unified School District & Prescott Unified School District, 2007-13; professor, Kaplan, Bryant & Stratton College, ITT Tech, 2002-06; sales, sales management, franchisee, F.A.N.D.A., 1981-91; machinist, warehouseman, dock worker, 1974-81.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: J.D., The Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, 1997; B.S./B.A., finance/economics, The Ohio State University, 1994.

Political experience: Community organizer for Northern AZ MoveOn Council, 2012-13.

Interests: Ballroom dancing, family travel, sports, politics.

Two biggest issues: Public schools: For decades, the best interests of people – the well-being of our public schools – has been ignored by Republican leadership. They‘ve placed the profits of large out-of-state private education corporate donors ahead of the best interest of children. I’ll end the Republican-corporate-sponsored siphoning of hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and redirect these funds to help restore our public schools to their past glory. Economic fairness: As your next representative, I will replace the failed economic policies of bailouts and corporate tax giveaways with effective economic solutions that will actually benefit everyday people. I will support a livable wage policy, one designed to move working Arizonans off government assistance on their way to reaching the American dream.

Budget priorities: Over the past decades, at the behest of large special interest donors our leaders have spent billions of tax dollars for the best interest of the private good. As a result, Arizona’s budget is hemorrhaging while our quality of life in Arizona is reeling. We pay prisons corps 10s of millions more than necessary to house our prisoners; we divert 100s of millions of public dollars into the coffers of private education. We permit our largest corp earners to escape most all state business tax and we invest billions for the private goods that provide little or no public ROI. My goal will be to focus on policies that benefit the public good that will attract new businesses and improve the economy of Main Street. I will work to increase our investment in our schools, work to raise the wages of all residents, work to require our large corps to be good corp citizens, to secure an adequate water supply. These types of policies will provide the ROI that will once again bring solvency back.

Fiscal philosophy: I believe in common-sense economic policies that work from the middle out. Economic policies should be driven by sound fiscal priorities that are focused on getting the best “public good” return for our public dollar investment. Our policies must avoid recent failed policies, similar to those like T.A.R.P., where we focus our tax dollars on the well-being of corporate America and Wall Street. The results of 40 years of focusing our fiscal policies on what is best for the private good have been poor jobs, poor wages, poor benefits. If Arizonans want to create an Arizona that is good for themselves, their children & grandchildren, they must embrace the economic policies of the 40s, 50s and 60s that were designed to build the economy from the middle-out: by building a world-class education, by creating a workforce that is not best known for its high high school drop-out rate, but for its high college graduation rate, by creating policies fostered for an era of increasing workers’ rights & wages.

Common Core: As a parent of two publicly educated children, one with special needs, as well as a middle school math teacher, I understand the importance of locally controlled education. I will work to ensure that our schools pursue a path of increasing expectations, regardless of from where these standards are derived. Currently, our leadership’s desire to outsource public education to unaccountable out-of-state private education corps and to divert millions of public dollars to benefit these private entities has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the quality of education provided in our schools. To hide these self-inflicted negative results, Republican leadership chose to dumb down the AIMS test in an effort to fool Arizona parents by elevated scores.
As your representative, I will choose a different path, one grounded in the notion that a representative’s duty is to work to raise the quality of life (here the quality of education) for all Arizonans. I will pursue a path where we “Double Down NOT Dummy Down.”

Gifts to elected officials: To me this is a quintessential government transparency issue. Common sense should tell us that corporations/special interest groups are the biggest benefactors of these gifts. Their benefits are derived from their ability to pressure a representative to place their best interest ahead of the best interest of people. As such, I am strongly opposed to the undue influence this causes. As a Clean Elections candidate, I have personally chosen a path which will allow me to avoid the undue influence of large private donations. And as your next representative, I will forward policies designed to force big money from state politics.

Transparency in government: Communities need to trust their government at all levels. If they feel that information is being inappropriately withheld, or if decisions are being made “behind closed doors,” they will doubt their government’s ability to protect their interests as citizens. Situations such as the VA Hospital scandal, the Child Protective Services scandal, and budget decision-making done in private with the minority party always excluded contribute to this distrust. As your representative, I will introduce and support legislation that provides for improved transparency and reporting in all government agencies, and for bipartisan participation in all levels of critical decision-making.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I support the Supreme Court’s 1974 decision, where it held that all Americans have a right to privacy and within that right was included a woman’s right to control the if, how and when she decides to start a family. And as such, I would oppose government action at any level whose objective was to interfere with this constitutionally guaranteed right.

Public policy advice: Whom a candidate looks to for advice is a key component as to whether or not the candidate’s term will be successful. The advisers that I would seek out vary depending upon the issue. When faced with a need for decision-making, I would seek out a coalition of knowledgeable parties on the issue – community leaders. For example, I am currently meeting with area school superintendents, PTOs/PSTAs, teachers and others to probe their ideas about the needs of our public schools.

Dalessandro, Andrea

Democrat – Legislative District 2 Senate

Phone: (520) 648-2092

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.DalessandroForAZ.com

Address: 2214 E Falcon Vista Dr, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Age: 67. (06/07/47, Jersey City, NJ).

Arizona since: 2004

Occupation: Retired; owner, Andrea Dalessandro, CPA, tax accountant, 1981-2006; asst professor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, (taught a wide variety of accounting courses including governmental accounting); asst accounting professor, The City University of New Jersey, 1986-87; corporate tax accountant, Josephson International (NY, NY), 1983-85; senior tax accountant, Price Waterhouse, 1981-83; mathematics teacher, Jersey City Board of Education 1970-81.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: Doctoral candidate, business, NYU, 1987-93; taxation, Pace University, 1984-86; M.B.A., professional accounting, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 1981; administration and supervision, The City University of New Jersey, 1976-77; M.A., mathematics education, The City University of New Jersey, 1975; B.A., mathematics education, The City University of New Jersey, 1970.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman since 2005; state committeeman since 2006; treasurer, Jeff Latas for Congress, 2006; candidate for LD30, representative, 2008 and 2010.

Legis exp: Senate since Jan. 22, 2014 (appointed 1/22/14 to replace Linda Lopez). House 2013-Jan 2014.

Interests: Civil discourse, fiber arts including Navajo weaving, reading.

Davis, Gerard

Democrat – State Treasurer

Phone: (602) 412-7964

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1603 W Rovey Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Dawald, Darla

Republican – Legislative District 8 House

Phone: (520) 413-7899

Email: [email protected]

Website: DarlaDawald.com

Facebook: Darla Dawald

Twitter: @darladawald

Address: 1328 E Judi Dr , Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Age: 50. (08/19/63, Kansas City, MO).

Arizona since: 1992-2000; 2005

Occupation: Small business owner; national director, Grassroots Action Inc., 2009-14; former health care administrator, Petrified Forest Medical Center and Mid America Rheumatology Consultants, 1993-2002.

Marital: Married

Education: Some college and training courses (train the trainer, business administration, and health care administration); Millington Central H.S., 1982.

Political experience: Grassroots activist and coordinator, assisted with election cycles in 2010-14; national speaker, National Bus Tour (speaker) for GOTV efforts.

Interests: Singing, reading, traveling, crafts, painting.

Two biggest issues: Obamacare: I plan to do everything I can to opt Arizona back out of Obamacare and replace this law with common sense legislation that will serve Arizona’s health care needs while ensuring a prosperous Arizona by maintaining a sensible budget. Jobs: The government cannot “create” jobs. However, the government is responsible for creating a job friendly environment or a job-killing environment. Over-regulation, excessive permitting requirements and excessive taxes are job killers. We must proactively reduce taxes on small business, reduce regulations and permitting requirements, and repeal or sunset laws that obstruct the growth of small business.

Budget priorities: A balanced budget. Seek out and remove wasteful spending. Increase revenue by increasing jobs/employment and collecting revenue by follow through on current established fees. Pinal County needs to receive their share of HURF funds.

Fiscal philosophy: Free markets and prudent government spending. Controlling government debt. The government does not have the right to run up large debts and then lay the burden on the taxpayer.

Common Core: The same people that introduced Common Core also brought us other programs; they didn’t work either! The answer is in local control and school choice. Parents need to be a part of the solution.

Gifts to elected officials: All activity/contributions should be open, declared and reported.

Transparency in government: I believe in an open and transparent government. All government activity should be readily available to the public.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am pro-life and believe in the sanctity of life.

Public policy advice: My family, constituents, and constitutional law scholars.

Dawson, Haydee

Republican – Legislative District 25 House

Phone: (480) 229-7237

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.dawson4az.com

Facebook: Haydee Dawson

Address: 2544 E Fairfield St , Mesa, AZ 85213

Age: 35. (07/04/78, San Vincente, El Salvador).

Arizona since: 1996

Occupation: Financial advisor/recruiter, New England Financial, since 2013; financial representative, COUNTRY Financial, 2006-13.

Marital: Married

Education: B.S., business administration, W.P. Carey School of Business ASU, 2005; M.B.A., project management, Jones Int’l University (online), 2011.

Political experience: Interim district chair, LD 25, June-Dec 2012; third vice chair, LD 19, 2009-12; president, AZ Latino Republican Assn, 2004-06; vice president, ALRA, since 2013; treasurer, ALRA, 2011-13; Bush/Cheney Victory Office volunteer coordinator, 2004-05; numerous state, legislative & municipal race support in every election cycle (last 20 years) such as Matt Salmon’s congressional race, Justin Pierce’s legislative & secretary of state race.

Interests: I am an avid reader, a knitting and crochet aficionado and I spend a large amount of my free time knitting blankets for Project Linus – a non-profit organization that engaged with crafters in local communities to provide homemade blankets to critically ill children. I also support a large number of charitable groups that work with abused and neglected animals.

Two biggest issues: The current tax treatment of businesses: We need to ensure Arizona is an attractive option for those businesses looking to expand or relocate to a new state but also support those entities who already call Arizona their home. We should do everything in our power to help the business sector expand and grow and question current or new legislation that would inflict undue harm and/or create useless administrative ‘hoops’ for these businesses to jump through. The budget: Our state continues to face deficits and it appears that we will for a number of years ahead. As legislators, we need to ensure we are not just passing the ‘buck’ to the next generation. I believe we need strong leadership and resolve to take responsibility for all of the actions and decisions that created this problem and then make a commitment to solve this once and for all.

Budget priorities: Taxes: The Legislature needs to ensure that our tax policy and approach does not unfairly harm businesses nor stall the economic growth of the state. Education funding: We need to continue to take a hard look at whether or not we have funded our educational system properly and whether those funds assigned are being used in a manner that can demonstrate an improvement in outcomes. State debt: Legislators must ensure that state debt remains within the guidelines and constraints of the state Constitution.

Fiscal philosophy: For years balance sheet ‘gimmicks’ were used by our legislators to show us a ‘balanced budget’. We must maintain pressure on Legislators to create and operate from truly balanced budgets and pay off any and all hidden debts of the past. It is irresponsible to think we can force future generations to inherit debt at both the federal and state level. I would start by looking at existing expenditure programs to see if there are better ways to approach these costs and expenditures and/or see if all existing expenses are still necessary to the state operations budget. Second I would review all federal expenditures that add additional pressure to the budget and review any options there to make appropriate changes. From that point I would then revisit all reform ideas that were identified over the last three years.

Common Core: I believe the ongoing war over Common Core is taking our eyes away from the main issue facing us, which is, whether or not Arizonans believe we are really educating our children to best of the state’s ability. ‘How’ we solve this is important – but so is the actions that caused us to arrive at this point.
Higher standards, in and of itself ‘sounds’ like an issue that any and all of us should support, however, after much personal research I would challenge that with further review we will likely find that these external ‘standards’ are in reality really not that high at all. We need to change our focus. I think we should point to teaching our children reading comprehension, critical thinking and focus on core subjects such as math and science with end goals of subject matter comprehension instead of the sole objective of passing a standardized test.

Gifts to elected officials: I believe that as long as all elected officials follow the rules as specified for transparency, and that if the rules already on the books are enforced, this issue would be reasonably addressed with the tools already available to us.

Transparency in government: I’m all for transparency and community knowledge of all of the actions of their government. I believe the average citizen should have access to the same information that lawmakers have. This could in turn help invigorate the public to be more engaged in local, state and even federal politics.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I firmly believe that life begins at conception and that our unborn should be protected from those that would pray on the fears of expectant mothers or treat abortion as a form of contraception. I would just as strongly propose that this ‘devaluation of life’ does not start or end with the rights of the unborn but rather echoes throughout our communities. I believe there are others in need of our help who have equally lost their voice. Do we equally champion the needs of our mentally ill or those born with severe or limiting birth defects? What about our disabled, home bound, elderly or infirmed? It is time we bring focus back to the value of and protection for, all life and all Arizonans.

Public policy advice: Rep. Justin Pierce, Rep. Justin Olson, Rep. Steve Montenegro, Speaker Andy Tobin, Majority Leader David Gowan and Sen. Kelli Ward.

Gidwani, Michael

Republican – Legislative District 30 House

Phone: (602) 821-9076

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.gidwaniforazhouse.com

Facebook: Michael Gidwani

Address: 8314 N 21st Dr Unit 208, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Age: 26. (08/06/87, Phoenix, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Recent college graduate with strong business acumen and leadership. Various temporary work assignments and volunteer with church and civic professions since 2007.

Marital: Single

Education: M.P.A., Grand Canyon University, 2013; B.S., Global Business, ASU, 2010; Sunnyslope H.S., 2005.

Political experience: Campaign volunteer for Justin Johnson 2013, Luis Rodriguez 2013, Jeff Flake 2012, Ben Quayle 2010.

Interests: I love learning. I love the outdoors, swimming, seeing movies & helping those in need.

Two biggest issues: Education is one big issue facing Arizona. My constituents are concerned about teachers’ funding and their students excelling to compete in our global economy. I will ensure that parents have the right to send their children to schools that merit a challenging learning environment while promoting fiscal measures for each district to be solvent. Health care is another issue. Our state needs to make bold moves to enhance the ACCCHS system. Moreover, the government regulations on health care providers needs to be looked at to ensure the market is attracting the best and brightest to our state to help those in need.

Budget priorities: The paradigm shift has occurred and now leadership must be taken to ensure Arizona’s taxes are used the wisest way. My budget priorities include ensuring K-12 and higher education spending equal to graduation rates, teacher performance and those districts which struggle need to fund their teachers with all necessary tools to teach. A flat fair tax would equalize and create a balanced budget which our state needs. Currently the state tax system is not evenly distributed for all goods, services and transactions.

Fiscal philosophy: I believe you thrive if you have a surplus for a rainy day. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road and say the future generation can deal with the problems of our day if our government fiscal house is out of order. The state of Arizona cannot serve the public if funds are misused or denied for their true purpose.

Common Core: I believe that standards need to be implemented, which teach children correct principles rather than regurgitate material. Arizona needs a standard that is best developed by parents, teachers and implemented in the classroom not in the halls of the Capitol.

Gifts to elected officials: State officials should not be bribed. If the citizenry does not like who is in office, let us use our voice and vote in different qualified candidates.

Transparency in government: Under the law, the community has the right to know about transparency in government with open meeting laws. I believe that secretive government is bad government – it goes against the principles of the Republic which our founding fathers established.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am pro-life and pro-family. I do not believe government can use money to fund to kill an innocent life. I do believe if the mother’s life is in danger then that can be considered between the doctor and patient.

Public policy advice: I turn to many resources within the state. I am objective on all issues whether I advocate for them or not. I look to online news outlets, active 501c3 and 501c4 groups that do analysis on issues. I then draw a decision based on experience, education and subject matter research.

Glover, Scott

Democrat – Legislative District 12 Senate

Phone: (480) 357-0761

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.glover4az.com

Facebook: Scott Glover

Twitter: @Glover4az

Address: 3879 E Bridgeport Parkway, Gilbert, AZ 85295

Age: 44. (01/01/70, New Haven, CT).

Arizona since: 1996

Occupation: Content and curriculum specialist, Edgenuity, Inc., since 2013; sales rep, Alliance Beverage Distributing Company 2012-13; teacher and school administrator, Gilbert Public Schools and Higley Unified School District, 1995-2012.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: M.A., Ohio State, 1995; B.A. University of Richmond, 1992.

Two biggest issues: Arizona’s public schools need to be properly funded. Funding for public education must be re-examined and re-defined. We need to restore funding to some of the programs raided by the state Legislature (like our state parks). We must make sure our college graduates do not graduate with crippling debt. Arizona needs to invest in infrastructure that will help attract new businesses with well-paying jobs. The Arizona Legislature needs to be more in touch with wants and needs of the general public of Arizona and stop attempting to pass laws that are detrimental to our state and reflect negatively on our great state.

Budget priorities: Public education is number one. We also need to look at the privatization of our state prisons. There is significant savings to be had there. Having a Legislature that doesn’t actively seek to alienate people by passing discriminatory laws will go a long way toward bring in new businesses and tourism, which will bring in additional revenue.

Fiscal philosophy: I am fiscally conservative and have always balanced my own checkbook. I expect our government to do the same. I think it is important to invest in infrastructure and do things to create a positive business atmosphere. I believe in investing in things that pay dividends, like public education.

Common Core: I think having standards is important and as a longtime educator, I understand them and what they are trying to do. I think we over test, and that comes with its own set of issues. I am not convinced that kindergarteners need to be college and career ready although our high school graduates do need to be.

Gifts to elected officials: Yes. I would not allow elected officials to accept gifts, trips and things of that nature, especially from influences outside the area they represent that call into question their ethics. Legislators should have a budget and they should have to live within their budget.

Transparency in government: There is a certain segment in our society today that overuses and improperly uses the word transparency but frequently fails to live up to that expectation. If an organization receives government funding, the public has a right to know how that money is spent.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I support a person’s right to choose. People should be guided by their personal faith and beliefs.

Public policy advice: First of all, I plan on being responsive to my constituents so depending on the issue, I would seek out experts within my district. I read a lot and have no problem seeking and finding information to educate myself on various issues. I also don’t mind asking questions.

Goddard, Terry

Democrat – Secretary of State

Phone: (480) 351-4775

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.TerryGoddard.com

Facebook: Terry Goddard

Twitter: @TerryGoddardAZ

Address: 502 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Age: 67. (01/29/47, Tucson, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Senior counsel, SNR Denton US LLP, since 2012; shareholder, Goddard Law Office, since 2011; AZ Attorney General, 2003-11.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: J.D., ASU, 1976; B.A., Harvard University, 1969.

Political experience: Central AZ Water Conservation Dist, since 2012, 2000-02; AZ Attorney General, 2003-11; Mayor of Phoenix, 1984-90.

Interests: History, hiking, backpacking, skiing, gardening.

ALL – Public policy advice: I have always done my utmost to seek out the best authorities on whatever topic is of concern, using private sector authorities and the great academic resources of this state. Teaching at ASU for the past three years has increased my appreciation for the depth of talent and knowledge in our great universities. As mayor and attorney general, I looked for advice and assistance without regard for partisan alignment. Some of my most trusted advisors have been of another political party. Former secretaries of state and current county recorders have been generous in offering advice to me in the campaign for secretary of state, and I intend to keep looking to these public servants for their wisdom about election security and voter registration, if I am elected to the office.

Gonzales, Sally Ann

Democrat – Legislative District 3 House

Phone: (520) 883-7968

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.votesallygonzales.com

Address: 7444 S Camino Benem, Tucson, AZ 85757

Age: 56. (10/02/57, Brawley, CA).

Arizona since: 1961

Occupation: Program director for teacher training program, ASU, 2002-06; educational director, Pascua-Yaqui tribe, 2001-02.

Marital: Married

Children: 5; 21 grandchildren

Education: Master’s degree, multicultural education, UofA, 1994; Bachelor’s degree, elementary education, ASU, 1986.

Political experience: Pascua Yaqui tribal councilmember, 1992-2006.

Legis exp: House since 2011; House 1996-2000.

Interests: Spending time with my grandchildren, reading, playing softball, sewing and traveling.

Gosar, Paul

Republican – Congressional District 4 U.S. House

Phone: (928) 377-5754

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.gosar4congress.com

Address: 417 E Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86303

Age: 55. (11/27/58, Rock Springs, WY).

Arizona since: 1987

Occupation: Dentist, owner of small business for over 25 years.

Marital: Married

Children: 3

Education: D.D.S., doctor of dental surgery, Creighton University, 1985; B.S., biology, Creighton University, 1981.

Political experience: Congressman since 2010; president, Northern Arizona Dental Society; vice chair, American Dental Assn Council on Governmental Affairs.