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Dial, Jeff

Republican – Legislative District 18 Senate

Phone: (480) 203-9616

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.jeffdial.org

Facebook: Jeff Dial

Twitter: @jeffdial

Address: 2936 W Gregg Dr, Chandler, AZ 85224

Age: 38. (04/04/76, Covina, CA).

Arizona since: 1998

Occupation: Realtor.

Marital: Single

Education: B.A., political science, ASU, 2004.

Political experience: State committeeman, Republican Party, since 2007; precinct committeeman since 2002; precinct captain, Republican Party, various years; candidate, State Representative LD 20, 2008 and 2004; volunteered or interned with over 30 local, statewide, congressional and presidential campaigns.

Legis exp: House since 2011.

Interests: I enjoy exploring the Arizona outdoors, whether it is through hiking the mountains, biking around, or simply driving out to scenic areas. I am an avid golfer and powerlifter. Also, when I have the time I enjoy reading books and watching films, I also read the news to keep up on political matters and current events.

Two biggest issues: I currently consider the economic development of the state and our education system to be the two most important issues that Arizona continues to face. Arizona has to keep its economic growth stably growing, namely by providing a good, less regulated business environment. The state also has to figure out a way by which we can ensure our school funding is properly spent so that the state can ensure that students are well educated.

Budget priorities: My top spending priority is education; we have to make sure that the children of the state have a legitimate pathway to successful careers in their early adulthood. Also, I support cutting wasteful spending by auditing various government agencies and promoting the utilization of new technologies.

Fiscal philosophy: As a representative of the people of Arizona, my constitutional duty is to do what the people see fit. We have to use these hardworking Arizonans’ tax dollars responsibility to ensure the necessary functions of government, while also ensuring a fiscally healthy Arizona for our posterity. With regards to taxation, I endorse a low, simplified, broad based system that allows families to thrive in our state.

Common Core: Although I do believe that our students must be held up to a high standard of academic success, I don’t believe that the federal government should be dictating how we, as Arizonans, educate our children. As a state we have to verify that the money we spend on education ends up in the classroom and provides both teachers and students the resources necessary to perform at a high level.

Gifts to elected officials: Perception is reality and so although I am not personally influenced by gifts, I support reforms that would give the public greater confidence in the legislative process.

Transparency in government: I believe that transparency in government is essential and that our legislative process is currently quite transparent. However, the level of public involvement is disappointing. We have to continue to think of creative ways to bring the people closer to the government, a fine example of which would be the AZVoices initiative. I strongly support using new technological means to improve public participation in government.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am pro-life and I support efforts to improve educational programs and access to health care for women to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in Arizona.

Public policy advice: I always look to political visionaries such as President Ronald Reagan and Senator Barry Goldwater; also I rely on my family and fellow legislators. On key point issues, I like to get the input of stakeholders in the decision, as well as getting the opinions of various folks throughout my legislative district.

Fernandez, Charlene

Democrat – Legislative District 4 House

Phone: (928) 580-6431

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.charleneforhouse.com

Facebook: Charlene Fernandez

Twitter: @Charlerf

Address: 1342 W 17th St , Yuma, AZ 85364

Age: 59. (02/24/55, Yuma, AZ).

Occupation: Administrative assistant, Geotechnical Testing Services (a division of Arviso Engineering), since 2011; congressional staffer, Congressman Raul Grijalva, 2010-11; appointed staff member, AZ Dept of Environmental Quality, 2004-10; congressional staffer, Congressman Ed Pastor, 1991-2002.

Education: B.S., elementary education, NAU, 1993; A.A., general studies, Arizona Western College, 1991.

Political experience: Candidate for House, LD-4, 2012; governing board member, Yuma Union High School District #70, 2004-12.

Interests: Sewing, knitting and politics.

Two biggest issues: First-class education and the economy. In the coming decades many of the jobs that will be available probably do not even exist today and the competition for those jobs will be global. A company will only locate in our state if they believe that the workforce is educated and qualified. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that our children receive a first-class education. The future of Arizona depends on it.

Budget priorities: Fully funding education. The priority will always be a first-class, fully funded quality education for two reasons. Education, in my estimation, is the great equalizer, giving people from different backgrounds the same opportunity to reach the American Dream. Providing our children with a world-class education with smaller classroom sizes and well-paid teachers in every classroom across Arizona prepares our children for every future opportunity and places Arizona as a national leader able to compete for first-class jobs in the next decade.

Fiscal philosophy: I would describe my fiscal policy as a pragmatic progressive. I believe in always looking forward to new ideas to increase revenue, but I also believe in reviewing existing programs and work on ways to make those programs most effective.

Common Core: Arizona should most definitely continue to implement Common Core. Our ultimate goal should be to equip every student with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in college, career and life. The Common Core curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, inquiry and problem-solving and focuses on student mastery of skills and knowledge by providing authentic learning experiences and high-bar assessments. These are the skills and tools that will prepare our students for the global job market.

Gifts to elected officials: I believe the best reform to the system is not necessarily limit gifts but to have instant notice of any gift or gratuity that a public servant receives from someone trying to have influence over our state.
A method utilizing current technology would allow citizens to know in real time what gifts and/or gratuity was extended to the elected official. The public would then have the ability to judge with confidence and knowledge.

Transparency in government: Transparency is critical to the well being of our state. Case in point, the problems that existed with Child Protective Services. The state should do their part by creating a portal that would allow our residents to see how Arizona is doing business, where their money is being spent and how they might participate to improve upon it. The responsibility lies with the citizens of Arizona to not just to vote, but to hold our officials accountable every day. All of this is predicated on the state ensuring that we invest in broadband to make sure that all of Arizona can take advantage of the information super highway, not just those in urban areas.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am a pro-choice candidate.

Public policy advice: I always look to my community for input and advice. I listen to the stories of those on the front lines, assisting people in need, those in small business and farming, the teachers, parents and students, public servants, unions members, the grocery bag clerk at the local grocery store. My community consists of family and friends, acquaintances, fellow board members, and the people I encounter on a daily basis. The one thing that links all of these individuals together is their desire to work hard, receive a decent wage for a job well done and to see Arizona prosper.

Goddard, Terry

Democrat – Secretary of State

Phone: (480) 351-4775

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.TerryGoddard.com

Facebook: Terry Goddard

Twitter: @TerryGoddardAZ

Address: 502 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Age: 67. (01/29/47, Tucson, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Senior counsel, SNR Denton US LLP, since 2012; shareholder, Goddard Law Office, since 2011; AZ Attorney General, 2003-11.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: J.D., ASU, 1976; B.A., Harvard University, 1969.

Political experience: Central AZ Water Conservation Dist, since 2012, 2000-02; AZ Attorney General, 2003-11; Mayor of Phoenix, 1984-90.

Interests: History, hiking, backpacking, skiing, gardening.

ALL – Public policy advice: I have always done my utmost to seek out the best authorities on whatever topic is of concern, using private sector authorities and the great academic resources of this state. Teaching at ASU for the past three years has increased my appreciation for the depth of talent and knowledge in our great universities. As mayor and attorney general, I looked for advice and assistance without regard for partisan alignment. Some of my most trusted advisors have been of another political party. Former secretaries of state and current county recorders have been generous in offering advice to me in the campaign for secretary of state, and I intend to keep looking to these public servants for their wisdom about election security and voter registration, if I am elected to the office.

Heap, Ralph

Republican – Legislative District 25 Senate

Phone: (480) 830-8691

Email: [email protected]

Address: 3909 E Fairfield Cir , Mesa, AZ 85205

Jones, Christine

Republican – Governor

Phone: (480) 686-7762

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.christinejones.com

Facebook: Christine Jones

Twitter: @jonesforgov

Age: 45. (08/17/68, Virginia Beach, VA).

Arizona since: 1997

Occupation: Former executive vice president and general counsel, Go Daddy; lawyer with Phoenix law firm focusing primarily on financial fraud and securities litigation; L.A. District Attorney’s Office, various departments, including stints in Compton, the Special Investigations Division, and the Hard Core Gang Division.

Marital: Married

Children: None.

Education: J.D., Whittier University, 1997; admitted to the State Bar of Arizona, 1997; CPA certificate, 1992; B.S., accounting, Auburn University, 1989.

Political experience: I am not a career politician; I’ve never run for political office before. I come at this with untethered ideas and no strings attached.

Interests: I am involved in many volunteer and charitable projects. I serve on the board of directors for my church as well as multiple non-profit organizations. I enjoy singing the National Anthem at military events and mentoring young women on a variety of subjects. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Gary, a retired Air Force officer.

GOV – Two biggest issues: There are three significant issues facing the future of our state: advancing economic development, achieving excellence in education, and enforcing immigration laws including securing the border. In regards to economic development, we need to compete more aggressively to attract businesses from out of state, simplify our tax code, and shorten and streamline our regulatory approvals. For education, we need to establish state standards, implement them at the local level, and fund and repeat our top models of education. And finally, Arizona needs to lead the way in border security solutions by utilizing readily available technology solutions and enforcing the laws already on the books.

GOV – Budget priorities: My top priority is to focus on economic growth by maintaining a balanced and healthy budget. As governor, I will support a business-friendly economic environment to maximize our economic potential, grow the economy and the resource engines on which the state budget depends, and build a storyline that compels the attention and consideration of both established businesses and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many people have fallen prey to the idea that in order to increase revenues, we have to increase taxes, but that’s simply not true. We can increase revenues by creating jobs. New jobs bring forth new taxpayers, which leads to lower taxes for all.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: I am fiscally conservative. As governor, my fiscal priorities will start with ensuring we balance the state’s budget annually, with a reasonable expectation for growth, and advance tax and regulatory policies that encourage business development in Arizona. Additionally, I am committed to keeping taxes low and lowering them further where possible. Self-reliance and personal responsibility are key tenants of my fiscal philosophy.

GOV – Job creation: Commit to keeping taxes low, lowering them further where possible and competitively intelligent to do so, and provide as friendly a regulatory environment as possible. Additionally, the governor needs to engage actively as the chief executive of the state and act as a compelling advocate for Arizona, its business climate and quality of life in order to bring new businesses and jobs to the state. I am ready to look CEOs in the eye and explain why Arizona is their best choice.

GOV – Common Core : Common Core is not the answer to solving our education problems. Standards should be established in the state and implemented at the local level. Even if the standards developed at the federal level are sound, they do not ensure sound execution and strong education at the local level. What they do ensure is a testing and assessment regime that could end up becoming its own nightmare for some excellent schools, depending on how it is administered across time. I don’t think we should have been asked to embrace the Common Core standards, and I will not support those particular standards as governor.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: I would not have signed the bill in its current form. I would have put absolute limits on the number of days able-bodied people could be on the benefit and have an absolute number of Arizonans who could draw down this benefit because we know the federal funds are going to start to gradually go away. We have a sunset provision that says we have to kick some people off the program and we know it’s really hard to take a benefit away once you give it, so I would have handled the situation a little bit differently.

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: I am pro-life except in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

ALL – Public policy advice: Someone once told me that in order to succeed in life, I should always surround myself with people who are smarter than me. I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on every policy issue, but I have always taken that old advice seriously and have sought out the opinion of individuals with experience and records of demonstrated accomplishment in their respective fields. As governor, my approach won’t be any different.

Leach, Vince

Republican – Legislative District 11 House

Phone: (520) 818-8814

Email: [email protected]

Website: VinceLeach.com

Facebook: Vince Leach

Twitter: @VinceLeach

Address: 62927 East Harmony Drive, Tucson, AZ 85739

Age: 65. (08/02/48, Wild Rose, WI).

Arizona since: 2009

Occupation: Small business owner, Diversified Options, LLC, since 2005; business manager, Matrix Products, 1998-2009; regional manager, Allied Mineral Products, 1992-98; salesman, Allied Mineral Products, 1988-92.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: B.S., political science/history, University of Wisconsin, St. Point, 1970.

Legis exp: Campaign worker for various local, state and federal candidates.

Interests: Public policy, distance walking.

Two biggest issues: Jobs: Growing the job market is of prime importance as it primes the pump and starts a wealth building cycle. It is the rock on which a solid citizenry and government can function efficiently. Less taxes/smaller government: Government should not take $1 more than needed to efficiently serve the citizens of the state. More money in the hands of the citizens means more and faster growth of the economy. Arizona is currently spending 3% of the General Fund on interest payments on state debt. This needs to be lowered to reduce taxes. Government functions best when the free market is allowed to function properly. Government needs to step away from the ‘enforcer of rules and regulations’ and more to being an ‘enhancer of the economy and private sector jobs.’

Budget priorities: Balance the state budget by increasing revenue through economic growth.

Fiscal philosophy: Conservative.

Common Core: I support higher standards for K-12 education that are Arizona developed and approved. I am concerned about the loss of local control of our schools in the ACCRS program. I am also concerned about elements of the ACCRS curriculum as observed recently in the Sierra Vista and Oro Valley School Districts. The costs of implementation are another area of concern. No cost information or a cost/benefit analysis is available for this program.

Gifts to elected officials: I am not currently aware of any changes that need to be made. That being said, I am a proponent of more (not less) government transparency, so I will look at each and every suggestion brought forward.

Transparency in government: I am a proponent of more (not less) government transparency.

Pro-life / pro-choice: Pro-life.

Public policy advice: I have been involved in public policy since 2009. That involvement has provided me with numerous contacts in various fields and disciplines, both private and public. I will utilize as many contacts as needed to fully analyze the public policy presented.

Maupin, Jarrett

Democrat – Congressional District 7 U.S. House

Phone: (602) 759-7465

Morrison, Mark

Republican – Legislative District 10 Senate

Phone: (520) 307-5331

Email: [email protected]

Website: morrision4arizona.com

Address: 577 N Arizona Estates Loop , Tucson, AZ 85748

Age: 61. (03/06/53, Longview, WA).

Arizona since: 2011

Occupation: Retired, U.S. Air Force Officer (Lieutenant Colonel); retired executive, Lockheed Martin Corporation; professor, China Foreign Affairs University, 2012-13; foreign studies professor, Guangdong University, 2011-12; legislative affairs, U.S. Africa Command Chief, 2009-11; chief of staff, Senator Robert F. Bennett (Utah), 2004-09; legislative affairs director, Lockheed Martin Corp, 1991-2004; military legislative assistant, Sen. Phil Gramm (Texas), 1989-91.

Marital: Married

Children: 3; 10 grandchildren

Education: M.A., national security affairs (Middle East area studies), Naval Postgraduate School, 1984; M.A., international relations, Troy State University (Germany Campus), 1982; B.A., international relations, BYU, 1978.

Political experience: Ivan Zubow for County Supervisor, Santa Clara County, CA, 1978

Interests: Family vacations, sports (especially baseball), reading (history, historical fiction, biographies), hiking, travel.

Two biggest issues: The top two issues, working within the constraints of a truly balanced budget, are so intertwined that is difficult to separate them. Job creation: The state Legislature can help create jobs by making it easier for businesses to get started, by streamlining and minimizing tax burdens on businesses, and by improving infrastructure to facilitate the movement of goods to the marketplace and employees to the workplace. Education: To improve the state’s education system, I would promote directing a greater proportion of funding to the classroom and less to administration, making it easier for experienced workers and retired professionals to become teachers, and focusing our education on helping students prepare to enter the workforce, trade schools, community colleges, or universities.

Budget priorities: The primary job of the state Legislature is to produce a balanced budget for the governor to sign. In order to achieve that goal, the legislature must: 1. Ensure the state’s taxes are fair, balanced, and broad; that they do not unfairly burden families; and that businesses enjoy a competitive environment in which to operate. I would encourage and help lead a broad review of the state’s tax system to look for simplification and efficiencies. 2. Ensure that the state budget is truly balanced by removing gimmicks and unrealistic features, such as, overly optimistic growth figures, unrealistic interest projections and internal transfers, such as, HURF. 3. Ensure a balance among the top state programs: education, health care, and corrections. For example, I would look for innovative approaches to our corrections system that could yield savings, which in turn could provide additional funding for other state priorities.

Fiscal philosophy: I am fiscally conservative, which to me means that I believe in being a wise steward of public funds. I believe in small, limited government, low taxes and strict accountability. I believe the state budget should be balanced without resorting to using gimmicks, sweeping funds, or creative accounting to get there. The state Legislature should set priorities for state spending that cover the basic state obligations of education, health care, and corrections. I favor taking a detailed, broad view of the state tax code and working with a group of like-minded legislators to find ways to simplify the tax code, eliminate loopholes, and make it more efficient.

Common Core: I support the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. During my 25 years in the Air Force, my 13 years at Lockheed Martin Corporation, and six years in the U.S. Senate, I have found that setting high standards and measuring progress toward achieving them is vital. I believe our students should aim for excellence by working to meet high standards. Going hand in hand with high standards are tools to measure how each student is progressing, and how each school and school district is doing to help students meet or exceed the standards. In 2010, Arizona decided to adopt these standards and I believe we owe it to our children to move forward in implementing them. Our students will be better served, our businesses will have a deeper employment pool from which to draw, and our schools will become more adept at training students.

Gifts to elected officials: Elected officials should be held to the highest standard of conduct. As those who represent the people, their behavior should be above reproach. I believe that gifts should be limited by dollar value and a strict reporting system must be in place to enable all Arizona citizens to view which elected officials have received gifts, from whom, and for what amount. At the same time, I believe that elected officials must do a certain amount of travel both within the state and sometimes outside in order to best serve the public good. In these cases, costs associated with this travel must be reported promptly, completely and publicly.

Transparency in government: I firmly believe that the people actually form the government and that elected officials serve at their behest. In that regard, government meetings should be open for the public to attend in person, to watch or listen to live, or to review recorded (written, audio, and video) accounts of all meetings. This includes providing sufficient notice before meetings are held that would enable the public to attend. Bills should be published and made available to the public before they are considered by committees, by the full House or Senate, and before being sent to the governor for final action. I also believe there are rare circumstances where executive sessions need to be held to conduct business of a sensitive nature. In these cases, care must be taken that this action indeed remains rare and is only used to address necessary issues.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I believe in the sanctity of human life and that all actions we take regarding human life should be done with the utmost care. I believe that when a woman consults with her husband, parents, doctor, and clergyman, most issues related to abortion can be resolved. Generally, government should not be a directing force in the lives of its citizens and in the case of abortion, the matter is best left to be resolved by the woman and those closest to her.

Public policy advice: My 85 year-old mother has been my inspiration when it comes to public policy and political issues. She introduced me to the political process when I was very young, and I have turned to her for advice and counsel ever since. Having endured the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, and the decades since, she gives me advice that is even, reasoned, practical, balanced, and logical.

Pease, Alan

Republican – Legislative District 8 Senate

Phone: (480) 888-0372

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.preview8.webdesignsyourway.net

Facebook: Alan Pease

Address: 967 E Lovegrass Dr , San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

Age: 74. (11/16/39, Cambridge, MA).

Arizona since: 2003

Occupation: Independent residential water treatment specialist, 29 years.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: B.S., marketing, Northeastern University.

Political experience: None.

Interests: Youth programs.

Two biggest issues: Economic development: eliminate sales tax. Education: earmark a percentage of education budget that must go to teachers.

Budget priorities: I am for increasing revenue by continuing to make Arizona more attractive to foreign businesses.

Fiscal philosophy: Conservative.

Common Core: These are standards agreed upon by a number of states, not the federal government. These standards are voluntary and not to be confused with curricula. Curricula are still the purview of the local school board.

Gifts to elected officials: I am not yet familiar with these laws.

Transparency in government: This must be in a free society.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am personally against abortion, but believe that this is an extremely personal choice that should be made by the individual, not the government.

Public policy advice: For the past 11 years, my passion has been building a community service organization dedicated to providing youth programs for kids in Pinal County. In so doing, I have learned how to bring a wide cross-section of people together for the purpose of building a consensus for the common good. My success has been due to the fact that I am willing to surround myself with those more knowledgeable than I, and to take their advice. If elected, I would continue to employ these skills for the good of Arizona and for the good of LD 8.

Reagan, Michele

Republican – Secretary of State

Phone: (480) 922-7370

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.votereagan.com

Facebook: Michele Reagan

Twitter: @VoteReagan

Address: 5235 N Woodmere Fairway, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Age: 44. (10/13/69, Rockford, IL).

Arizona since: 1991

Occupation: Partner, Reagan Properties, LLC, 2001-14; former part owner, Fastsigns of Central, 1991-2001.

Marital: Married

Children: 1 stepchild

Education: B.S., communications, Illinois State University, 1991.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman; family helped run the Bush 2004 Scottsdale field office.

Legis exp: Senate since 2011; House 2003-2010.

Interests: Playing tennis, reading mystery books, taking my Doberman for jogs, trying to grow vegetables in my garden.

ALL – Public policy advice: I used to enjoy sitting and chatting policy with my former officemate, Bill Konopnicki. He had such a good business mind and was such a great listener. I always learned a lot from him about the economic realities small businesses face. He was also an avid reader, so we used to trade business journals and discuss political news articles from around the country.