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Mason, Lucy

Republican – Corporation Commission

Phone: (928) 925-3671

Email: [email protected]

Website: lucymasonforacc.org

Address: 301 E Rosser St , Prescott, AZ 86301

Arizona since: 1994

Occupation: Radio show host, KJZA 89.5 FM, 90.1 FM, “The People’s Business”, since 2003; Office of Secretary of State, Domestic Violence Program, 2010-11; 15 years in political campaigns.

Marital: Married

Children: 4

Education: B.A., liberal sciences, NAU, 2007; Master Watershed Program, UofA, 2002; attended, University of Houston, 1990-93.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman, Yavapai County Republican Committee; secretary, vice chair membership, Republican Women of Prescott; Prescott City Councilwoman; Yavapai County Supervisor.

Legis exp: House 2003-11.

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, watching sports, writing.

ALL – Public policy advice: I look to trusted experts, as well as respected business and industry leaders for information and advice, always to advance public policy issues and find solutions to challenges.

Hess, Barry

Libertarian – Governor

Phone: (602) 843-3827

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.HessForGovernor.Com

Facebook: Barry Hess

Age: 57. (01/29/57, Garden City, MI).

Arizona since: 1980

Occupation: Author. Currently working on my second full-length novel. The first was, The PeaceMonger, published Jan. 2013 [www.ThePeaceMonger.com (available on Amazon)]. Currency/options trader since 2000; small business owner (water treatment) since 1986; small business owner, Manufacturing the Ten Commandments in (simulated) granite, sold 2010; small business owner, multi-level, telecom calling cards, DCI, sold out in 2004.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: B.A. Fordham University, 1978. I left high school after 2 1/2 years, (for college), so no H.S. graduation.

Political experience: Appointed to the Arizona State H.A.V.A. (Help Americans Vote Act) Committee (central leader of the largest and most diverse coalitions in Arizona history); Libertarian precinct committeeman; vice chair, AZ Libertarian Party; gubernatorial nominee for AZ Libertarian Party, 2002, 2006, 2010; worked on campaign for Dr. Ron Paul, 2008 and 2012; freshman call president, Littleton High School, 1972; freshman class president, Plymouth State College, 1975.

Interests: Writing, wood working (building fine furniture), experimenting in physics, a variety of sports, skiing in particular, scuba diving, and one day, I’d like to take a re-fresher course and jump out of an airplane again.

GOV – Two biggest issues: The two biggest issues are taxes and unemployment/loss of manufacturing jobs. Both relate to our stagnant economy. I propose an end to ALL direct taxes on the earnings of private individuals (including the repudiation of federal impositions) and personal property taxes; that will immediately put 30% more spending power into the hands of the working public to stimulate the economy where it is most necessary – all without costing employers a dime. The state would primarily be funded by a no-exceptions 9.9% retail transaction tax, and a 4% (of gross receipts), corporate veil ‘fee’, along with several service revenue streams. Along with removing useless regulations that now hinder new businesses, we can provide a stable and inviting business environment. Both problems solved.

GOV – Budget priorities: Increasing revenues (raising taxes) is simply not possible, nor necessary. What is necessary is eliminating all departments, divisions and agencies where there is no authority for the state to be involved. Next would be to identify and sell off excess state land holdings to pay down the debt, as well as recovering ownership of our official state buildings. I intend to focus on education, since it consumes most of our budget (with virtually no return for the taxpayer). I believe that we can significantly reduce the extravagance of current costs, and at the same time, get better educational results by expanding our online offerings.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: I subscribe to the fiscal philosophy of the Austrian School of Economics, so I realize that expenditures must always be subservient to income in hand, and not the reverse (Keynesian economics). Therefore, I will first look to fund those items that have the greatest impact on the people as a whole (infrastructure, fire control, peacekeeping, etc), and then to broader concerns (education, temporary housing for the needy, etc.). I will leave it to the Legislature to decide if there are other programs that deserve funding if there are funds left over. My goal is to set aside next year’s entire budget by the end of my third year in office.

GOV – Job creation: The single best way for Arizona to increase job creation is the immediate and complete elimination of the personal income and property taxes, because such an act will immediately infuse local economies with a flood of usable capital, stimulating the economy exactly where it is needed [and] necessitating business expansion and employment opportunities. At the same time, it will starve unnecessarily subsidized government activities and functionally eliminate most of the regulations that currently inhibit new business start-ups. Not the least important of side benefits of taking such a bold step in a way that people can see first-hand, will be to give reason for citizens to have confidence in their government.

GOV – Common Core : I believe we need to look beyond the mechanics of the system to the objective we hope to achieve. If economic efficiency is our objective, without regard to the benefits students get from their government education, CC is a good idea. But if our objective is to help students reach the pinnacle of their individual abilities, then we must encourage active competition between individual schools to try to find the best way to teach a given course of study, then CC is a very bad idea. I favor voluntary competency testing, and I will oppose the attempt to impose Common Core curriculum and standards in Arizona.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: I did not approve the expansion and neither did a majority of Arizonans. It was approved by a mere handful of individuals only. My goal is to freeze its implementation and re-evaluate its stated objectives along with the likelihood that further implementation would move us toward or away from those objectives. Ultimately, I believe Arizona should take direct control of all such programs and refuse federal input or control over the distribution of funds or determinations of coverage.

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: I am pro-life personally, (there is no point in the conception process where life is not present), and I am also aware that at best, abortion is an issue that is well outside the authority of the federal government to impose on all citizens. This issue needs to be decided by the conscience of the individual, or by the collective conscience of the citizens of each state. At no point can, or will I authorize state (taxpayer) funding for abortion, and I hope to encourage alternatives that do not necessitate terminating life; like embryonic transplantation.

ALL – Public policy advice: Largely, I turn to the sage and proven advice of those who have wrestled with such questions in the past. I note what happened when specific policies were implemented or not. Then I turn to contemporary experts without regard to ideological perspectives or backgrounds. After that, I turn to the general public for ideas and perspectives. Finally, I turn to the Constitution and my own conscience to insure that I am not irresponsible or taking liberties outside the legitimate authority of my office. That’s when I make my decision, and I stick to it.

Parker, Vernon

Republican – Corporation Commission

Phone: (602) 303-7175

Email: [email protected]

Website: vernonbparker.com

Facebook: Vernon Parker

Twitter: @vernonbparker

Age: 54. (11/16/59, Houston, TX).

Arizona since: 1997

Occupation: Government relations consultant, assistant secretary, U.S. Dept of Agriculture; special assistant, President George H. W. Bush, the White House; general counsel, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; director of policy, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; financial analyst, Rockwell International.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: J.D., Georgetown University; B.S., finance, CSU Long Beach; A.S., Long Beach Community College.

Political experience: Councilmember, Town of Paradise Valley; mayor, Town of Paradise Valley; candidate U.S. House, CD-3; candidate U.S. House, CD-9; selected by the Speaker of the House to give a rebuttal to the President’s weekly radio address; worked on five presidential campaigns; Matt Salmon for Governor campaign; Jon Kyl senatorial campaign; various other state and local campaigns.

Interests: Cooking is my number on passion. I love college athletics. I enjoy cycling, movies & reading.

ALL – Public policy advice: I cannot single out one specific person, as every situation is unique and requires a unique response and analysis. I get information from a variety of sources. I try to gather information from stakeholders on all sides of issues before making a decision.

Howard, Chip

Independent – Governor

Phone: (602) 369-8487

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1509 E Piute Ave , Phoenix, AZ 85024

Pierce, Justin

Republican – Secretary of State

Phone: (480) 776-9343

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.JustinPierceForArizona.com

Facebook: Justin Pierce

Twitter: @JPierce4Arizona

Address: 2621 E Odessa Circle, Mesa, AZ 85213

Age: 39. (01/06/75, Mesa, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Attorney/shareholder, Jackson Lewis P.C., since 2010; associate, Ford & Harrison, LLP, 2007-10; associate, Lewis & Roca, LLP, 2004-06; law clerk, the Honorable Charles E. Jones, Chief Justice, AZ Supreme Court, 2003-04.

Marital: Married

Children: 5

Education: J.D., Georgetown University Law Center, 2003; B.S., accountancy, ASU, 2000.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman since 1993; volunteer for multiple campaigns for Congress, the state Legislature, and statewide offices over the last 20 years.

Legis exp: House 2011-14. Appointed 5/25/11 to replace Kirk Adams.

Interests: I enjoy spending time with my wife and five children, particularly in the beautiful Rim Country of Arizona. I also enjoy watching, playing, and coaching sports. I have also played the guitar for more than 25 years and am interested in a wide variety of music.

Johnson, Joseph

Independent – Governor

Phone: (602) 214-7535

Email: [email protected]

Website: writeinjjohnson.com

Facebook: Joseph Johnson

Twitter: @writeinjjohnson

Address: 1773 E Chapparral Drive , Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Age: 48. (12/28/65, Chicago, IL).

Arizona since: 1987

Occupation: Sales representative.

Marital: Married

Education: Did not provide.

Political experience: None.

Interests: Loving people and helping them by telling them the truth.

GOV – Two biggest issues: Political party partisanship, big government and big business greed is the biggest issue facing Arizona when elected. I will address the problem by representing the interest of the citizens only.

GOV – Budget priorities: Cut fraud, waste and unnecessary oversight out of the budget. Revamp how K-12 budget is administered. I will attempt to increase revenues by offering lucrative incentives for starting new farms, small businesses, promote manufacturing and business relocation to Arizona, plus selling of some state lands, and finally elimination of the state income tax.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: Careful conservative.

GOV – Job creation: Reduce taxes and oversight on small businesses

GOV – Common Core : Hate it and so do the majority of anyone who ever heard of it. Anyone who I appoint to the state Board of Education must pledge to ignore the so-called Common Core standards.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: No [I do not support Medicaid expansion and would not continue its implementation].

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: I would not participate in that practice.

ALL – Public policy advice: To those whom have had proven successes.

Davis, Gerard

Democrat – State Treasurer

Phone: (602) 412-7964

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1603 W Rovey Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Pullen, Randall

Republican – State Treasurer

Phone: (602) 524-2241

Email: [email protected]

Website: randypullen.com

Facebook: Randall Pullen

Twitter: @RPullen

Address: 4915 E LaFayette, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Age: 65. (11/03/48, Green Bay, WI).

Arizona since: 1954

Occupation: CEO & president, WageWatch, Inc., 2000; president, Pullen & Company, 1991-2000; president, ILX, Inc., 1992-93; partner, Deloitte & Touche, 1979-85, 88-91; partner, Pannell Kerr Forester, CPA, 1986-88.

Marital: Married

Children: 1; 4 stepchildren

Education: M.B.A., finance, ASU, 1981; B.A., mathematics, ASU, 1971.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman since 1999; treasurer, RNC, 2009-11; chair, AZGOP, 2007-11; state committeeman, 2004-07; ran for mayor of Phoenix, 1993, 2003.

Interests: Fishing, hunting, reading (especially history), spending time with children and grandchildren.

ALL – Public policy advice: Elected leaders familiar with the policy issue, professionals knowledgeable on the subject matter and party leaders familiar with the issue. Of course, I always ask my wife and friends.

Jones, Christine

Republican – Governor

Phone: (480) 686-7762

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.christinejones.com

Facebook: Christine Jones

Twitter: @jonesforgov

Age: 45. (08/17/68, Virginia Beach, VA).

Arizona since: 1997

Occupation: Former executive vice president and general counsel, Go Daddy; lawyer with Phoenix law firm focusing primarily on financial fraud and securities litigation; L.A. District Attorney’s Office, various departments, including stints in Compton, the Special Investigations Division, and the Hard Core Gang Division.

Marital: Married

Children: None.

Education: J.D., Whittier University, 1997; admitted to the State Bar of Arizona, 1997; CPA certificate, 1992; B.S., accounting, Auburn University, 1989.

Political experience: I am not a career politician; I’ve never run for political office before. I come at this with untethered ideas and no strings attached.

Interests: I am involved in many volunteer and charitable projects. I serve on the board of directors for my church as well as multiple non-profit organizations. I enjoy singing the National Anthem at military events and mentoring young women on a variety of subjects. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Gary, a retired Air Force officer.

GOV – Two biggest issues: There are three significant issues facing the future of our state: advancing economic development, achieving excellence in education, and enforcing immigration laws including securing the border. In regards to economic development, we need to compete more aggressively to attract businesses from out of state, simplify our tax code, and shorten and streamline our regulatory approvals. For education, we need to establish state standards, implement them at the local level, and fund and repeat our top models of education. And finally, Arizona needs to lead the way in border security solutions by utilizing readily available technology solutions and enforcing the laws already on the books.

GOV – Budget priorities: My top priority is to focus on economic growth by maintaining a balanced and healthy budget. As governor, I will support a business-friendly economic environment to maximize our economic potential, grow the economy and the resource engines on which the state budget depends, and build a storyline that compels the attention and consideration of both established businesses and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many people have fallen prey to the idea that in order to increase revenues, we have to increase taxes, but that’s simply not true. We can increase revenues by creating jobs. New jobs bring forth new taxpayers, which leads to lower taxes for all.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: I am fiscally conservative. As governor, my fiscal priorities will start with ensuring we balance the state’s budget annually, with a reasonable expectation for growth, and advance tax and regulatory policies that encourage business development in Arizona. Additionally, I am committed to keeping taxes low and lowering them further where possible. Self-reliance and personal responsibility are key tenants of my fiscal philosophy.

GOV – Job creation: Commit to keeping taxes low, lowering them further where possible and competitively intelligent to do so, and provide as friendly a regulatory environment as possible. Additionally, the governor needs to engage actively as the chief executive of the state and act as a compelling advocate for Arizona, its business climate and quality of life in order to bring new businesses and jobs to the state. I am ready to look CEOs in the eye and explain why Arizona is their best choice.

GOV – Common Core : Common Core is not the answer to solving our education problems. Standards should be established in the state and implemented at the local level. Even if the standards developed at the federal level are sound, they do not ensure sound execution and strong education at the local level. What they do ensure is a testing and assessment regime that could end up becoming its own nightmare for some excellent schools, depending on how it is administered across time. I don’t think we should have been asked to embrace the Common Core standards, and I will not support those particular standards as governor.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: I would not have signed the bill in its current form. I would have put absolute limits on the number of days able-bodied people could be on the benefit and have an absolute number of Arizonans who could draw down this benefit because we know the federal funds are going to start to gradually go away. We have a sunset provision that says we have to kick some people off the program and we know it’s really hard to take a benefit away once you give it, so I would have handled the situation a little bit differently.

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: I am pro-life except in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

ALL – Public policy advice: Someone once told me that in order to succeed in life, I should always surround myself with people who are smarter than me. I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on every policy issue, but I have always taken that old advice seriously and have sought out the opinion of individuals with experience and records of demonstrated accomplishment in their respective fields. As governor, my approach won’t be any different.