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Reagan, Michele

Republican – Secretary of State

Phone: (480) 922-7370

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.votereagan.com

Facebook: Michele Reagan

Twitter: @VoteReagan

Address: 5235 N Woodmere Fairway, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Age: 44. (10/13/69, Rockford, IL).

Arizona since: 1991

Occupation: Partner, Reagan Properties, LLC, 2001-14; former part owner, Fastsigns of Central, 1991-2001.

Marital: Married

Children: 1 stepchild

Education: B.S., communications, Illinois State University, 1991.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman; family helped run the Bush 2004 Scottsdale field office.

Legis exp: Senate since 2011; House 2003-2010.

Interests: Playing tennis, reading mystery books, taking my Doberman for jogs, trying to grow vegetables in my garden.

ALL – Public policy advice: I used to enjoy sitting and chatting policy with my former officemate, Bill Konopnicki. He had such a good business mind and was such a great listener. I always learned a lot from him about the economic realities small businesses face. He was also an avid reader, so we used to trade business journals and discuss political news articles from around the country.

Lukasik, Alice

Republican – Governor

Phone: (928) 554-4469

Email: [email protected]

Address: PO Box 2977 , Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Douglas, Diane

Republican – Superintendent of Public Instruction

Phone: (623) 428-9756

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.DianeDouglas.com

Facebook: Diane Douglas

Twitter: @_DianeDouglas

Address: 13402 W Castle Rock Dr , Sun City West, AZ 85375

Arizona since: 1990

Occupation: Glass artist/instructor, The Stained Glass Shop, since 1994.

Marital: Married

Children: 1

Education: B.S., business/marketing, Rutgers University, 1985; Associate’s degree, business, Somerset County College (now Raritan Valley Community College), 1982.

Political experience: Peoria Unified School District Governing Board 2005-12, president 2008 & 2009; candidate, AZ House of Representatives, LD-9, 2010; candidate, Glendale City Council, Sahuaro District, 2012; precinct committeeman.

Interests: American education, which I have been studying for almost 20 years; reading and politics. Stained glass began as a hobby that became a profession.

ALL – Public policy advice: Arizona parents of course! No one has a greater vested interest in a child’s education than his/her parents. It was Arizona parents who were specifically and deliberately excluded from the discussion when special interest groups and lobbyists worked through our State Board of Education to impose radical changes upon their children’s education.

Rotellini, Felecia

Democrat – Attorney General

Phone: (602) 345-0755

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.feleciaforarizona.com

Facebook: Felecia Rotellini

Twitter: @feleciaforaz

Address: 3444 N 49th St , Phoenix, AZ 85018

Age: 56. (10/05/57, Sheridan, WY).

Arizona since: 1986

Occupation: Attorney, Zwillinger Greek & Knecht, PC, since 2009; superintendent, AZ Dept of Financial Institutions, 2006-09; assistant superintendent, AZ Dept of Financial Institutions, 2005; assistant attorney general, AZ Attorney General’s Office, civil and criminal divisions, 1992-2005; attorney, private sector, 1986-92.

Marital: Divorced

Education: J.D., University of Notre Dame, 1986; B.S. (magna cum laude), history/political science, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, 1981.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman; campaign volunteer; candidate for state Attorney General, 2010.

Interests: Outdoor activities, hiking, bicycling, and backpacking; reading and weight training.

ALL – Public policy advice: I have learned to seek sound advice on policy from several frontline subject-matter experts from both the private sector and public service. These experts transcend party lines and are experts in their fields – from the regulation of financial institutions and the building of our economy to criminal prosecution of white-collar fraud. During my 17 years in the trenches as a public lawyer and financial watchdog, I learned early in my career that strong mentors are important. When faced with a public policy issue, I rely on past mentors, who are both Democrats and Republicans, for advice and guidance.

Mealer, John

Americans Elect – Governor

Phone: (928) 251-0453

Email: [email protected]

Website: jlmealer.com

Facebook: John Mealer

Twitter: @johnlewismealer

Address: 5054 Pine Dawn Rd , Lakeside, AZ 85929

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: CEO & founding president, Mealer Companies LLC. (My company intended to build a completely different type of self-contained, renewable fueled automobile. Our vehicle has been in the making for roughly 20 years before non-fossil fuel powered automobiles were popular with the university crowd. This is about more than national energy independence. The MEALER is about your personal independence.)

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: Classes extended from the originators of the Phoenix Institute of Technology both pre- and post- 1992 when they closed their doors. I refused to take core classes and due to that, was refused an official document-degree a few times over. Higher learning extends to engineering, and I have made my life in the private business sector as well as decades of labor work, banging nails and general business and industry development.

Political experience: Running my business is close to politics, but I do not (thank God) have a criminal history as an elected official. I HAVE CLEAN HANDS. (Clarification: Once someone is elected to office and swears the oath to defend the Constitution and then lowers their hand without first declaring their intent to remove all laws contrary to the Bill of Rights, they have violated their oath of office and as such have committed fraud. They do not have clean hands. Also, by taking a party status the candidate and elected official is taking bribes by working for his or her party rather than within their constitutional limits versus my use of Americans Elect for ballot access alone.)

GOV – Two biggest issues: Education, because without a modern and unfettered educational system (no Common Core dumbing down), Arizona will be the same in 100 years as it is now. I have the means to increase school funding while lowering taxes so we may revamp the system. New industry and business growth, which leads to infrastructure and sensible water usage. Mealer Initiative 2014 provides a detailed method for new industries effect on business growth, rebuilding existing and creating new infrastructure revolving around our limited desert water supply (while lowering taxes). Complex problems and my easy solutions. We want our liberty back. We’re not asking.

GOV – Budget priorities: My new private industry investment JOLT to the tune of well over $100 billion is a good start to add spending cash to the tax coffers. Industrial hemp and bio-medical cannabis plus tax revenue from sales after the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana would also give the state a budget. We would also free up a lot of private jail space to non-violent offenders, but private prisons would end. We must place millions more into revamping Arizona’s education system. No budget without industry, business growth, jobs. We cannot have these without a future of well- educated Arizonans.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: Common Sense. No corruption. No kickbacks. No bribery. 100% within the constitutional confines of any elected official’s capacity. For the good of Arizonans and not for elected officials or their corrupted parties.

GOV – Job creation: Put me in office. We need to put my omnibus plan into effect and grow our economy 1000 fold within 180 days. Allow my investor contacts and decades of business connections to put their money into Arizona so we have new money and not the same old worn out, corrupted, paid “politicians-to-nowhere” funding.

GOV – Common Core : It’s total and absolute crap. This is the worst case of an attempt to dumb down our children in preparation for a “higher education” that many do not need and will never acquire. I plan to outlaw this intentional abusive program and file a lawsuit for child abuse and intentional interference with our children’s prospective advantage as an anti-trust crime against them and the state of Arizona.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: At the time, we had no choice but to expand. The state is dead broke. We Arizonans are all but broken. I have an insurance deal already on the table to cover seven million Arizonans at $75 per person with basic dental. This means Medicare will be issuing refunds to those receiving Medicare at approximately $400 per person. If Medicare keeps 50% of this, the federal program will save hundreds of millions of dollars.

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: If I could give my life for the future of any growing child who may become aborted, I would. This offer to God is also for the girls and women who are ever placed into the position of either feeling the need or actually requiring an abortion. I pray often that God take me up on this offer.

ALL – Public policy advice: Arizona’s and the U.S. Constitution. Our Bill of Rights.

Forese, Tom

Republican – Corporation Commission

Phone: (480) 381-8090

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.corpcomm2014.com

Address: 2044 E Taurus Pl, Chandler, AZ 85249

Age: 40. (02/19/74, Framingham, MA).

Arizona since: 1998

Occupation: Partner, FMG, education software company.

Marital: Married

Children: 4

Education: Attended Ricks College, 1996-98.

Legis exp: House since 2011.

Interests: Music and reading.

ALL – Public policy advice: Depending on the specific issue, I have confidants from different areas of expertise that I visit with on a regular basis. They range from law enforcement veterans, CEOs, CIOs, small business owners and experienced lawmakers.

Thomas, Sharon

Democrat – Superintendent of Public Instruction

Phone: (602) 405-9066

Email: [email protected]

Website: sharonforarizona.com

Facebook: Sharon Thomas

Twitter: @sharon4arizona

Address: 3438 N 16th Dr , Phoenix, AZ 85015

Age: 54. (11/18/59, Anchorage, AK).

Arizona since: 1970

Occupation: Teacher, Phoenix Union High School District; small business owner for several years.

Marital: Single

Children: 2

Education: M.Ed., teacher leadership & education administration, Grand Canyon University; B.A., secondary education, English and theater arts, UofA.

Political experience: Candidate, Cochise County Supervisor, District 3, 2008; secretary, Democratic State Party; precinct committeeman, state committeeman, secretary, Cochise County; vice-chair, Cochise County; LD-24 secretary.

Interests: Making sure that the children of Arizona get a better education.

ALL – Public policy advice: I have many friends in the political world.

Melvin, Al

Republican – Governor

Phone: (520) 825-2894

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.votealmelvin.com

Facebook: Al Melvin

Twitter: @senatormelvin

Address: 38665 S Sand Crest Dr, Saddlebrooke, AZ 85739

Age: 69. (11/03/44, Helena, MT).

Arizona since: 2002

Occupation: Owner, American Quality International Consulting, LLC (international trade and transportation consulting), since 2003; adjunct lecturer, UofA, University of Phoenix, Western International University, 2003-08; ships officer, American Maritime Officers, 1999-2003; Captain, U.S. Navy (active duty), 1997-99; 30 years with international shipping companies.

Marital: Married

Children: None

Education: Diploma, College of Naval Command and Staff, U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI, 1974; M.B.A., international management, Thunderbird-American Graduate School of International Management, 1972; B.S., ocean transportation, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY, 1969.

Political experience: Republican candidate for Arizona Senate LD 26, 2006; Republican precinct committeeman since 2004.

Legis exp: Senate since 2009.

Interests: Public speaking, writing, mentoring, political organizational development, nuclear energy, desalination, international trade, educational reform at all levels and indoor rowing.

GOV – Two biggest issues: We must help the private sector create the maximum number of private sector jobs. Eliminating the income tax, getting rid of onerous regulations and Texas-style tort reform will create the maximum number of private sector jobs. We must properly educate our youth. We can do that with a universal school voucher and getting rid of Common Core.

GOV – Budget priorities: We will create a vibrant economic engine by eliminating the income tax and implementing Texas-style tort reform. We must work with other western mountainous states to convert U.S. Forest Service and BLM to state land.

GOV – Fiscal philosophy: We must live within our means, within a balanced budget, and pay off our debt.

GOV – Job creation: Lower taxes, less regulations and right-sized government. I will eliminate the state income tax, both corporate and individual, during the eight years that I am governor. I will lead the charge for Texas-style tort reform and make sure it is implemented in Arizona.

GOV – Common Core : Common Core must be completely stopped in Arizona and I will do that as governor.

GOV – Medicaid expansion: [It] must be stopped and I will stop it as governor.

GOV – Pro-life / Pro-choice: I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

ALL – Public policy advice: I rely on my education, military and private business management experience, my legislative experience, the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions and advice of trusted advisers.

Garcia, David

Democrat – Superintendent of Public Instruction

Phone: (602) 828-0657

Email: [email protected]

Website: dg4az.com

Facebook: David Garcia

Twitter: @dg4az

Address: 323 W Virginia, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Age: 44. (12/16/69, Mesa, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth

Occupation: Associate professor, education policy & evaluation, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, ASU, since 2004; faculty associate, College of Public Affairs, ASU, since 2012; senior research analyst, Arizona Center for Public Policy-ThinkAZ, 2002-04; peer evaluator, U.S. Dept of Education, 2003; associate superintendent of public instruction for standards and accountability, AZ Dept of Education, 2001-02; director of research and policy, AZ Dept of Education, 1998-2001.

Marital: Married

Children: 2

Education: Ph.D., educational research, institution & policy studies, University of Chicago, 2002; M.A., educational research, institution & policy studies, University of Chicago, 1997; B.A., intercultural & organization communication, ASU, 1993.

Interests: Quality time with family, hiking, golfing, gardening, avid reader, aspiring whittler.

ALL – Public policy advice: I will turn to some of the best minds in education policy. As a research professor, I’ve had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with many of the leading experts in education policy across the nation and have co-authored journals, books and papers with my colleagues from the American Educational Research Association. I will also pull together Arizona stakeholders such as educators and business leaders who are ready to stop talking and take action.