Legislative District 27


A day of drama: Here is a rundown of who won, who lost in Tuesday’s election

Arizona failed to turn blue in the presidential election, but Democrats picked up at least one seat in the Legislature, and voters ousted the infamous Republican Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Man putting a ballot into a voting box - USA

Incumbents sail to victory in LD27

Incumbent Democratic Reps. Rebecca Rios and Reginald Bolding took in the most votes in the Legislative District 27 House of Representatives Democratic primary, despite major self-financing by one of their opponents.
Sen. Catherine Miranda (left) faces off against her stepdaughter, Maritza Miranda Saena, in the Legislative District 27 Democratic primary.

Catherine Miranda defeats stepdaughter in LD27 Senate race

The family reunion might be a little awkward this year: Incumbent Democratic Sen. Catherine Miranda is defeating her stepdaughter, Maritza Miranda Saenz, in the Legislative District 27 Senate Democratic primary.