How will Arizona
Conduct the 2020 Elections?
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 • Discussion: 8-9 AM

Election officers face an unprecedented challenge: Conducting an election amid a global pandemic. How are the preparations for the primary and general elections? How will officials ensure voters are safe from the highly contagious COVID-19? What about poll workers and staffers? Masks? Hand sanitizers? Plexi glass at the voting booth? Presidential election years typically more voters. What will that mean for voting precincts? As people turn to mail-in ballots, how will officers ensure the counting is fast and secure? There’s a lot to discuss. Join the conversation – it’s free to attend! Send in your questions!

Ask questions! Join the conversation via Zoom – it’s free to attend!


Patty Hansen
Coconino County Recorder

Scott Jarrett
Director of Election Day and Emergency Voting, Maricopa County

Gina Roberts
Voter Education Director
Citizens Clean Elections Commission
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