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Petersen worried about ‘asterisk’ legacy

Former Republican Treasurer David Petersen told the Yellow Sheet today (July 10) he was not surprised his former aides Tony Malaj and Blaine Vance did not receive damage settlements as whistle blowers in a case that ended Petersen’s state career, just short of a full term as treasurer. (See yesterday’s YS.) “I think that’s what the judge said – If you’re going to be a whistle blower, you have to come out and say you are.” He said Malaj and Vance did not tell him directly he had done something illegal. The aides received small amounts to pay their attorneys, who originally sought $6 million in damages, alleging Malaj and Vance were not kept on by State Treasurer Dean Martin after cooperating with a Terry Goddard investigation that eventually led to Petersen’s resignation for failing to report outside income from work he did for Character First.

Petersen, a former state senator, has successfully fulfilled a three-year probation order and continues to run his own insurance business. “I’m healing, getting over it,” he said. “There is nothing there,” he said about the county’s three-year probe into whether Petersen and Goddard struck a deal for a lighter sentence for Petersen. “If they charge me, they have to charge him,” Petersen told our reporter. He also said he continues to promote Character First across the state. “I won’t say I’ve had skyrocketing success, but at least I’m consistent. One of my fears is that there’ll be an asterisk behind my name: ‘He only served three years and 11 months of his term.’ “

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  1. Petersen was wrong, but it’s ironic that the org that brought him down was Character First. Mr. Malaj certainly has none of that, he had higher self serving hopes. Take a close look at his activities the past few years.

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