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The holding of 3 Dems’ feet to the fire on health care

Pressure on three of Arizona’s Dems in Congress is mounting as the House creeps closer to a vote on health care reform. The heat has been turned up by both sides of the issue on U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell, which included a “reporter” ambush at a meeting place, and on U.S. reps Gabrielle Giffords and Ann Kirkpatrick.

The trio has been pretty much non-committal on how it will vote, but insiders tell YS all three might end up as nay votes. A Blue Dog along with Giffords, Mitchell is questioning the cost of the health care bill. Giffords has parted ways with the Blue Dogs on the financial aspects, but wants the public option in the bill, which appears to be in trouble. Blue Dogs and Republicans today were discussing slowing down the bill. Kirkpatrick’s votes on spending measures this session could qualify her for Blue Dog membership. U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, like Giffords, wants the public option, but he and U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor are expected to vote for the bill.

Joanna Burgos, an NRCC spokeswoman sent a video clip (www.youtube.com/watch?v=xseUvqNr2JY) to the media today that shows Mitchell walking toward a building (photo), while an off-camera male voice asks him about his silence on health care. Mitchell keeps on walking as he puts on his suit coat and does not acknowledge the man.

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