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‘Cash for Clunkers’ and health care

Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly

The federal government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program ran out of money in a matter of days. The program, which pays people to trade in perfectly serviceable automobiles so the government can turn the cars into scrap, was not expected to reach the costs that it did.

Southern Arizonans must ask how President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords are able to support a government takeover of our health care if the Democrat-controlled Congress can’t even administer a simple car trade-in program.

Americans demand reform in dealing with the costs of health care, but we can do better than the Obama-Giffords scheme for government nationalization, rationing and, ultimately, bankruptcy.

I believe in common sense solutions to our health care that will reduce costs immediately, while not surrendering our choices to government bureaucrats. The following is a five-point plan that can drastically reduce the costs of health care, while increasing consumer choices the day it is signed.
• First, we should enable insurance companies to sell health insurance across state lines, as they do car and life insurance.
• Second, we should allow small businesses to band together in order to increase their purchasing power and reduce their costs.
• Third, we need to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud, saving us hundreds of millions a year.
• Fourth, we need tort reform in order to stop defensive medicine and rising malpractice costs.
• Fifth, we should allow individuals to be able to pay for insurance premiums through their own private, health savings accounts, with the same type of tax incentives that corporations have.
The voters of southern Arizona have a choice when it comes to health care. Rep. Giffords considers Obamacare a “moon shot.” I believe that big government takeovers should stay on the moon. Here in America, we fight for choice, low costs and quality health services.

Jesse Kelly
8th Congressional District candidate


  1. This is a great opinion piece. I agree with Mr. Kelly. How do those like Obama, Pelois, Reid, and Giffords plan to successfully implement Obamacare when they can’t even manage smaller, temporary programs.
    Jesse Kelly appears to have the ideas that this country needs to reform our Health Care system while sticking to free market principles and promoting limited government.
    Socializing the greatest health care system in the world would destroy jobs, stife innovation, force rationed care, and create huge new tax burdens on the middle class. I am glad to see that there is a candidate out there that get it.

  2. Good luck on your run! I refer to the Cash for Clunkers program as the Clunkers for Toyota Program as 3 out of the top 5 cars sold were Toyotas. Nothing against Toyota but wasn’t this BS program to help the environment and US car manufacturers not Japanese. In Japan you almost can’t buy an American car!!!

  3. Jesse Kelly is standing on solid ground with both feet planted on the floor. He is our man to unseat Giffords, and replace her particular brand of lunacy with common sense solutions. We can depend on Jesse to serve the people of Arizona in the House with dignity and responsibility. He has myvote and my full support.

  4. Fox ditto head views

    Think for yourself buddy – take care of the surroundings you grew up in or go back to your fore-fathers country

  5. Finally,…a candidate with at least a little common sense. The current crop of vegetables (mentally, otherwise they’re a bunch of blood-sucking parasites) couldn’t find their way out of a grocery back if the lights were out. Lets vote in some useful representatives who can count, talk without making us want to vomit, and lets take back our country. Thank God for the Marines, and thanks to my dad and grandpa for serving as real soldiers! Semper Fi.

  6. Jesse Kelly’s op-ed makes good sense, and common sense is exactly what we lack in Congress right now.

    I agree with Kelly that the “Cash for Clunkers” program was a waste of taxpayer money and a good example of government inefficiency. Why should the government give tax dollars to people who want to buy new cars? That just doesn’t make sense. Let people buy their own cars and let us keep our money.

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