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Brewer: Tax vote won’t affect decision to run

Gov. Jan Brewer said today (Aug. 28) she won’t base her decision on whether to run for a full term in 2010 on the outcome of a public vote on her sales tax increase proposal. “I don’t think so,” Brewer told our reporter following an awards luncheon in Litchfield Park, when asked if the outcome of the vote would affect her decision. “We have plenty of time, I suppose, to decide when I’m going to run. It’s early. The previous governor didn’t announce until March when she ran for re-election. So we’ve got time. We’ve got time. It’s not like I’ve not run elections before. I’ve ran a few. I kind of know how to organize and get the job done quickly and do it then.” Brewer said she won’t make her final decision until after a budget is in place, and said she is encouraged by the progress being made in five-party talks.

She also said she wouldn’t be swayed by the threat of a tough primary. “I haven’t given it much thought,” she said of a likely primary challenge. “I have been nose down, really working on this budget. Everything always shakes out. I’ve been in tough primaries before, and I like campaigning. At this point in time, I wish I could be more definitive about what it is I’m going to do. But certainly as the sitting governor, as the incumbent, I would be leaning in that direction.”

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