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County attorney decries Smith request

In a feud that conjures up memories of the New Times subpoena/arrest debacle, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office released a letter today from County Manager David Smith asking the office’s employees to fess up to whether they’ve been blogging or posting comments on the internet about county government.

Real names, pseudonyms, work time or personal time, Smith asked for it all while citing Arizona Rules of Professional Responsibility for attorneys or “agents of the County Attorney.” “A lawyer’s ethical duties do not cease at the office door,” wrote Smith, who specifically sought postings on Shane Wikfors’ Sonoran Alliance, Cactus Alliance, Intellectual Conservative Arizona, and all messages sent to Scottsdale government, the Republic, the New Times, ABC15 and the East Valley Tribune. Smith made a note to detail that his inquiry targeted, but was not limited to, 36 individuals named in an attached public records request. The records request was not included in the attorney’s office press release entitled “free speech issue,” but the document was forwarded to Yellow Sheet upon request.

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  1. Either folks are not aware of this situation in it’s entirety or they have been duped and greatly mislead by a haphazard attempt to create an ulterior story to save someones ***. I would highly discourage folks from carrying through with this direction anymore than they already have. Very soon more light will be shed on this situation in Maricopa County etc.

    There are folks on the inside of this preparing objectives etc, hell there are even folks within Thomas’s own office that are planning to assist with what is really going on behind those doors. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Bloggers, bloggers rights and or the 1st Amendment. ZERO..NOTHING.

    There may in fact be argument to the accusations and or methodology etc…hell there rightly is with anything. However, don’t fall into the pre-conceived trap being set. People have already made huge mistakes online regarding this issue, those mistakes may seem small on onset however they multiply in severity daily. Should this continue beyond this point just how in the hell would you expect folks that know better NOT to publicly disseminate not only this but the half-*** ‘plan of attack’ coming out of Thomas’s own office? (which they weren’t even bright enough to mask properly as they so feverishly spoke of doing…and yep someone’s singing like a pigeon about that as well)

    Don’t buy into this complete horse-****. This has already gotten way out of hand as far as folks running with incorrect material etc.

    Soon Thomas and some of his folks will get the trial experience they lack . . . too bad for them it will be as defendants.

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