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Come on down…

Rep Andy Tobin told our reporter today that leaders are targeting Nov. 17-19 for a special session on a deal leadership reached earlier this week with Gov. Jan Brewer. The deal, which is currently being shopped to members, includes $540 million in total General Fund savings.

That number, Tobin said, consists of $160 million in savings due to agency fixes – essentially, replacing the statutory language vetoed as part of the Revenues BRB, which means the funding for the agencies will come from other funds that have already been appropriated – $140 million in cuts to K-12 (down to the minimum federal maintenance of effort level) and $140 million in cuts to DES. Tobin said the total permanent cut level will be in the neighborhood of $300 million. Tobin said that, while many House members would like to see more cuts, there should be support of this plan. “Everyone agrees more cuts are coming,” he said.

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