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‘Let’s move on’

At the end of the presser, Sen. John McCain was asked about a challenge from former congressman J.D. Hayworth – and possibly even from Janet Napolitano. “I don’t think any campaign I’ve ever been in should be taken for granted,” said McCain. “I work hard, I campaign hard and I hope to earn the votes of the citizens of Arizona.”

The possibility of a Napolitano bid for Senate next year was raised by Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit this week, who said it would provide her an exit from her bumpy tenure running DHS. Even if she didn’t win, it would give the appearance that she’s moving on to a higher calling, Patterson submitted, admitting the idea is far-fetched. While Napolitano led McCain in a poll released way back in 2007 – when the senator’s presidential campaign had hit rock bottom – a survey released last month showed her trailing McCain by nine points in the wake of her exit from Arizona politics.

Moreover, Napolitano’s high popularity in the state was due to her support among Republicans, one GOP observer told our reporter. As DHS secretary, she’s only angered the right. Matt Drudge, for example, refers to Napolitano as “Big Sis.” Additionally, Napolitano’s signature line that she used with the Arizona press – “Let’s move on” – when questions didn’t fit her taste, hasn’t exactly translated to the national stage.

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