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GOP jobs bill sails through committee (access required)

A House panel on Jan. 25 forwarded a measure to the floor aimed at spurring job growth through incentives to large corporations and tax cuts, where it is scheduled to be debated by the entire body.


  1. Why Is it the progressives do not understand that all taxes are passed to the consumer. That is why our tax base is so low most of all products consumed in our country are made in another country thus our tax base is destoryed.
    Years ago there were four lumber mills in northern Az now there are none. They provided living wage jobs to support families. Now the lumber if were even allowed to harvest it must be shiped milles from the sorce to be processed.
    Right now lumber taken out of Alaska to ships of the coast processed and shiped to Japan.
    Right now we have two operating copper mines in N/W AZ. Kingman and Bagdad the ore from Bagdad is transported to Globe and Tucson. How much energy is wasted. We can do better.

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